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I just got back from my first appointment with a rheumatologist re. my bad scores. He thought it was odd that my hips were worse than my spine. He said usualy it's the other way around. We went through all the usual things - my diet, and history. I had a benign brain tumor removed 10 years ago, he seemed to think that might be significant.

He asked how much coffee and tea I drink. One cup of coffee - if that - per day. But I'm very fond of green tea now - Started drinking ita couple of years ago when everyone was saying it's SO good for you! But is it? Maybe the caffiene isn't doing my bones any favors. Does anyone know? Is decaf green tea better?

Anyway, I'll be getting a back x-ray and a ton of blood and urine tests in the coming months.

But here's the clincher - I was on Fosamax for 2 years, and took myself off it a year ago because of the side effects - VERY sore leg muscles, charley horses, etc. And so, right away he wants me to go on Actonel. He said Actonel would be easier on my body. But aren't they exactly the same thing?

He also mentioned Forteo, but, so far, it's not covered by Blue Cross and the cost here in Canadais $800 per month! So I won't be going on that any time soon!

Has anyone moved from Fosamax to Actonel with success? And If i decide not to fill this prescription (it is my body after all.), what will happen to my bones?


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