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What size needles are you both using? Just out of curiosity. I've only been on Forteo about 3 months now and haven't experienced any bruising .... yet. However, I am on warfarin so I'm sure my "turn" is coming eventually.

My drug store originally sold me Leader brand 31 guage, 5/16" pen needles. I freaked out at first since the sample pen needles were 31 guage but 3/16" long because I knew I was going to have to give some of my Forteo injections in my abdomen. Those Leader brand 5/16" needles were something like $9 a 100. The BD Ultra Fine III 31 guage, 3/16" pen needles were $32 as I remember but I just paid $36 for the second box of 100. I use the 5/16" in my thighs but am still too chicken and so use the 3/16" in my abdomen.
I'm using the BD 31 g X 5/16". I don't mind the length of the needle but do mind how thick in diameter it is. Is 31 g thicker than 30 guage? I'm lucky because my insurance pays 100% for all my needles and the pen.

I get some bruising from time to time. A few weeks ago I had several days of bruising. I wonder if it's just because once there's a bruise and you inject close to the area, that it causes further bruising. The nurse told me to rotate the area of the injections so I assumed going from the left side to the right of the abdomen was good enough. I haven't tried using the thigh at all and don't plan to, I think it would hurt more due to the muscles in my leg.
You know, that is one thing that kinda surprised and then bugged me, that my insurance doesn't pay for the needles for injections. Now, tell me, if injectable B12 is scripted, or injectable Forteo, or injectable insulin, for that matter, HOW in the devil am I gonna use these medications if I DON'T have the needles and/or syringes for them????? At least these medications that come with the pens, the insurance is stuck paying for the "syringe"! I don't blame them for not wanting to pay the price that BD wants for their mini-pen needles when Leader brand makes the same thing, same guage, only 5/16" instead of 3/16" long for 1/4 the price tho. Several weeks ago RiteAid had Leader brand needles as well as BD brand needles at the pharamacy, I saw them there. This past week RiteAid had only BD brand and told me that they only handle BD brand now. Hmmmm. Easier & better markup than Leader???
I felt that same way as you did about getting the pen mail order but the insurance company refused to pay unless I did. My reason was different than yours and was about the fact that I'm working during the day. So I arranged for a special Sat. delivery. So far they are willing to pay the extra money and do it that way.They did pay for the needles that I picked up at the local pharmacy previously.

It's really turned out to be much more convenient. The Seciality pharmacy sends the pen, needles, and sharps container. It's all sent in a really sturdy ice chest with the reusable ice blocks. I'm getting a big collection of these handy coolers! It's transported via refrigerated transport because I called and asked. I haven't had any problems yet. If you think about it, whomever delivers to the local pharmacy could be letting the pen get too warm or frozen, you just don't know. I kind of worried that the local pharmacy didn't refrigerate the box immediately sometimes, you just don't know. Your privacy can be maintained also as you don't have to stand in line with your neighbors picking up the medication. You might want to give it a try.

When my pen got crystals in it a few weeks ago, I contacted Eli Lilly and they gave me a card to get a replacement pen. The speciality pharmacies don't accept those cards so I had to order through the local pharmacy. When I went to pick it up the pharmacist said that it was too expensive and they couldn't order without guarantee of payment. I got some uninformed pharmacist as the pen was already in the refrigerator and just had to have someone else go back and find it. Fun times at the pharmacy.

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