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Dec 10, 2005
Hi -

This may be old information to you folks, but I heard it just yesterday from a friend. She'd gone to an oral surgeon to have a tooth pulled and just that morning remembered to tell him that she was on Fosamax. He told her of 2 of his patients who were taking Fosamax or another durg in that same class of drugs who had osteonecrosis (dead bone) of their jaw bones happen following oral surgery. He refused to remove my friend's tooth and will work with her dentist to help her keep the tooth. The oral surgeon told her that this potential danger would never go away even if she quit taking the Fosamax because the drug would never leave her system.

My friend did an on-line search and found information about this danger. The information was published in the Journal of Maxilofacial Surgeons in Sept. 2004.

Apparently this happens only sometimes and only in the jaw bone. Be sure your dentist knows if you take one of these drugs for osteoporosis.

Wishing you well - Barbara

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