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my guess is, because the amount of elemental calcium per tab is actually very small--143 mgs.
I'm planning on starting off taking 4 tabs a day. I think between that and eating calcium rich foods, the cal. absorption rate should be good (at least I'm hoping.)
Nature's Life has a formula called Reinforce Bone. I'm thinking of switching to that after I'm done with the Ezorb. I'm still not 100% sold on Ezorb. If Peregrine reverses her numbers, then I will keeping my fingers crossed for that.
Are you taking a DEXA this month? If so, do you know when? I'm so so hoping your results reflect good results from Ezorb and can't wait to find out. I'm basing my dosage of Ezorb on your results (if you get great results, I'm following their program to a tea; if not, just plan on taking 4 pills a days)


My Dexa isn't until May. I'm chagrined that we couldn't work out the QCT rather than a Dexa, though. Also, keep in mind that my results may not be a true reflection because I cannot exercise, other than some walking, due to having Lyme Disease and CFS. Exercise intolerance is a big symptom of these diseases. If you can do any type of resistance training along with your calcium supplementation you will mostly likely have better results. I'll let you know what happens after my test. I don't, however, understand why you wouldn't want to follow the protocol for the first 3 months. There are no side effects from the Ezorb, they say. I am [I]extremely[/I] sensitive to anything that might produce a side effect and I feel nothing. Of course, it's entirely up to you.

All the best
Thanks, Peregrine.
Two reasons I'm holding off on following the protocol:
1) Cost. Ezorb is incredibly expensive and I'm on a budget. It's a big sacrifice for me to spend that kind of money. I'll do it I feel it's more or less "proven."
2) I'm still a bit wary of taking that much calcium, mainly because all we have to go on it what the company says. There has been no testing of this product and companies can make any claim they want without backing it up in any substantive way.

I do exercise and have picked up my exercising a bit recently--started playing tennis again and am now starting spine-specific yoga (I already do 30 minutes of weight-bearing cardio 5 times a week.) I played tennis Sunday for the first time in 10 years and it's a BIG BIG workout. I feel GREAT, after doing it and plan on keeping it up, at least once a week.
I am extremely skeptical about the value of Ezorb. For example, go to
and read the Case Report:
Elixir Industry, Inc. EZorb Calcium Supplement Case Report
Hi Granniluv8,
I think you can also buy EZorb direct from the company or on ebay BUT I should warn you:
EZorb has not been tested by the FDA or regulated in any way (as no vitamins are) so, you are, essentially, taking a really big chance switching from a proven tested drug like Foreto which DOES increase bone density.
My mother was on Forteo for 2 years (longer than is usually recommended) and it did substantially inscrease her bone density--so much so, that 8 months ago she was knocked to the ground by a car and didn't break anything--vs 3 years ago when she had 6 compression fractures in her spine JUST from bumping into a wall.
If you're not on Ezorb and have osteopenia, I don't think you have anything to lose by tryihng Ezorb (except MONEY) But I wouldn't mess around with something that's not proven or tested in any objective scientic way (we're just taking the company's word for it that it works--they can, essentially, say anything they want and because they're not taken to task by the FDA, don't have to prove it.)
I bought EZorb and feel it was probably a mistake--just financially. I think I'll have the same results with some diet modifications, upping my exercise, adding yoga and taking calcium citrate. I would never ever chance it if I had severe osteoporosis.
Further, when you do speak to the people from Ezorb (I was never able to reach them by phone--they have a number where you leave a message and they call you back which is VERY VERY VERY questionable to me, even for a small start-up vitamin company--and heard back from them via email) they never answer you in any substantive scientific way-they just told me, "we can't say how it works, but it does." I felt pretty much duped, since I had already purchased their product. But you live and you learn.

If I took EZorb I would NOT get off the Forteo by any means but I am just looking for a GOOD calcium that absorbs well and goes where it should be going (-: ! I am also open for any other suggestions on the right kind of calcium.

Thanks !

Granniluvs8 :wave: :)
After my experience with EZorb, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that it's a waste of money. I'm going back to what I was taking before--Calcium Citrate Malate--it's $9 a bottle and I called the company, Nature's Life (where they have actual informed people who will talk to you), who said that what they put on the ingredient life is how absorbable the calcium is--a very high level. This is a known, reputable company--I buy it on Vitamin Shoppe--the company also has an osteoporosis formula that I might check out--it's very similar to the one I was taking before.
One thing to bear in mind that I WASN'T doing--it's much much better to spread out your calcium dosage--I now take half in the morning and half at night--at about a 12 hour interval--so it's spread.
Good luck!

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