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Are you taking a DEXA this month? If so, do you know when? I'm so so hoping your results reflect good results from Ezorb and can't wait to find out. I'm basing my dosage of Ezorb on your results (if you get great results, I'm following their program to a tea; if not, just plan on taking 4 pills a days)


My Dexa isn't until May. I'm chagrined that we couldn't work out the QCT rather than a Dexa, though. Also, keep in mind that my results may not be a true reflection because I cannot exercise, other than some walking, due to having Lyme Disease and CFS. Exercise intolerance is a big symptom of these diseases. If you can do any type of resistance training along with your calcium supplementation you will mostly likely have better results. I'll let you know what happens after my test. I don't, however, understand why you wouldn't want to follow the protocol for the first 3 months. There are no side effects from the Ezorb, they say. I am [I]extremely[/I] sensitive to anything that might produce a side effect and I feel nothing. Of course, it's entirely up to you.

All the best

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