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Oh my goodness! You have really been through the ringer, haven't you? I'm so sorry you've had all these painful problems. The doctor who said you'd be in pain for the rest of your life should be ashamed. He took something valuable away from you: hope. I'd be miserable too if someone told me that. :mad:

It is certainly strange that 3 doctors missed your fractures. Are you sure they are compression fractures? I only ask because I thought those occurred only with osteoporosis. Your DEXA numbers just don't reflect the amount of loss necessary to have your vertabrae collapse like that. Could they be trauma fractures instead, sustained in your motorcycle accident?

Regarding your DEXA scores: First of all, when referring to your scores you would put a minus sign in front of them. Where ZERO is normal bone density, a person's T-score would have to be between -1.0 and -2.5 to be considered in the osteopenia range. Osteoporosis is -2.5 and under. The T-score compares you with a normal young woman at the peak of her bone density. (The Z-score compares your numbers with others your age, which to me is a much more revealing measurement, but nobody ever really looks at that.)

[B]I hope I'll have your scores when I'm seventy years old[/B] because they aren't bad scores at all. I'm 50 and my spine is currently -3.0. I haven't had any compression fractures (knock on wood) and I take Evista and lots of calcium +D and magnesium for my osteoporosis. I want to see if I can reverse my bone loss without Fosamax, and so far it's working.

You have been off your feet quite a lot in the past couple of years, which could account for your bone density loss. However, this loss IS reversible, and hopefully getting back on your feet again will go a long way towards that goal. Are you able to walk any distance at all? If so, could you join a group of mall-walkers? That would get you out of the house, and into a social and safe environment. It could be beneficial for you on so many levels.
Dx Osteoporosis 5/04, age 49
T-Scores: Spine -3.0, Hip: -1.9
Current treatment: Evista

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