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Osteopenia at 36
Jan 3, 2006
Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum. I usually post in the back forum. I have a question and I'm concerned about my back. I was first diagnosed with Osteopenia at 27. I was put on Depo Lupron for severe Endometriosis. However I was not told that the medication depletes your bone density and was used to treat severe cases of prostate cancer. Had I known that, I would have NEVER taken it. :nono:
My last BMI results showed my T-scores in my L1-4 sitting at -2.1 and my hips sitting at -1.5. I have been asking since 03 for Fosomax or nasal calcium. I have been getting the brush off. So, I have requested a new provider. I currently go to the VA. I soley rely on them because I can not work due to all my disabilities and continued appointments. My new provider was the one who ordered my BMI. I made an appt. with my GYN and asked about Fosomax. She was not comfortable giving it to me. She said I was a complicated case. After going to Neurosurgery, I found out I was going to need a total disk replacement. They put in a note to put me on Fosomax. I went back to my GYN and she still said NO! She sent me to Endo and they turned me down too. :confused: I was told to keep taking my calcium and my hormones.
I don't understand. I'm already at high risk and close to 40. (Actually, I turn 37 next month), I had to have a TVH at 27 for severe Endometreosis, I'm thin, white, Post Menopausal and my mother has Osteoporosis. Neurosurgery can't even fuse my spine because of the Osteopenia but they can put in an artificial disk. I'm seriously concerned. After doing some reading, I read that you are NOT a candidate for this if you have multi level Degenerative Disk Disease or Osteopenia. Which I have both. What would you do? Would you seek a second opinion on the Fosomax or possibly Boniva? I also have Sacroiliac Joint space narrowing with bilateral hip effusions. I'm being treated at the pain clinic for this. I'm getting medial branck blocks for this. OUCH!!!! Next step is burning off of my nerves. :eek:
Thanks so much. I think I need to make an appointment with my Neuro so that I can address my concerns. If he's not willing to listen or tells me he can do my surgery, then maybe it's best to reconsider seeking a second opinion. My back is already messed up and causing me severe pain. To the point that I can barely walk or bend over to put my shoes on, shave my legs or brush my teeth on most days. I don't want to make it worse, if that's possible at this point. You are so right about the Tums and the regular calcium. My regular Primary years ago told me to take calcium when I asked about nasal calcium. She told me that Tums was a good source of Calcium and she already knew I had been diagnosed with Osteopenia at 27! I really don't get docs sometimes. I have also been told that my Premarin (hormones) are also a preventative. I told my GYN if that were true then I wouldn't be sitting in the boat I'm in now, would I? At any rate... I totally agree with everything you said. I feel the same way you do. Thanks again for reasuring what me on what I've been thinking all along. :angel:

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