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Do I still have hope to rebuild my bones to the normal condition?
What steps should I take?[/QUOTE]Hi OgieD and welcome to the board. To answer your first question...Yes, you can stop and even reverse your osteopenia. There's no need to panic here...this is a wake-up call that there are certain lifestyle changes you need to make or you'll be in trouble later in life. So what steps can you take?

1) Quit smoking.
2) Increase your intake of foods that contain calcium.
3) Take calcium +D and also magnesium at half the dose of the calcium you're taking.
4) Do weight-bearing and also resistance exercises.

These behavior changes above aren't just for people with low bone mineral density..they're beneficial for most people. But talk to your doctor first before starting any new exercise routine. If your health insurance covers it, you might want to try physical therapy first to address your herniated disc, but you have to get a doctor's order first.

Examples of weight-bearing exercise: Jogging, walking, stair climbing, dancing and soccer - anything that creates impact on your bones.

Examples of resistance exercise: Lifting free weights to build muscle, which in turn pulls on bone.

About quitting smoking - Just a suggestion grandmother, who smoked for longer than you are alive, quit cold turkey (after having a collapsed lung) and replaced the habit with walking. Every time she felt like a smoke, she took a walk. (By the way, she's 92 years old now and still has her own apartment. Hint hint.) Anyway, It helps to replace the bad habit with a good one, and eliminate triggers. When I quit 12 years ago, I also gave up alcohol for a while, because it was so automatic for me to have a beer and a ciggy when I got home from work. I can now have a drink occasionally and it won't trigger a tobacco craving.

As for Fosamax, I personally don't think it should be prescribed for osteopenia, but I'm not a doctor so that's just my opinion. If I were in your position, I would try those behavior changes and see what effect that has on my BMD.
Dx Osteoporosis 5/04, age 49
T-Scores: Spine -3.0, Hip: -1.9
Current treatment: Evista

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