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[QUOTE=Kirim]After 2 yrs of taking weekly Actonel, for the past 6 days I have been experiencing a very uncomfortable back pain. Aspirin, Advil, etc. are not helping.
Do you think that this could be Actonel related?
I work at a desk for more than 9 hours daily and it is getting pretty uncomfortable.
I was diagnosed with mild osteoporosis in my lumbar spine. Does osteoporosis hurts?[/QUOTE]

I had to go to ER yesterday because of the back pain. They took many X Rays and it was determined that my back pain is caused by a deviation in my spine (something else to add to my osteoporosis/osteopenia)
I have to call my doctor today, but the doctor at ER told me that there is nothing I can do other than to take pills for the pain and pills to reduce the inflamation cause by the rubbing.

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