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On your DEXA scores:

The T-score is the number of standard deviations (SD) above or below the young adult mean. You didn't say your current age, but the "Adult mean" is about what you should have been at your peak bone density - around age 20. As a general rule, for every SD below normal the fracture risk doubles. Your T-score of -1 in the spine means that you have 2 times the risk of fracture as a person with a normal BMD. (Which is very low to begin with.) Your scores are really not worth worrying about unless you're only 20 right now, LOL!. They are not even considered osteoporosis, which starts at -2.5 and below. At any rate, it isn't what's causing your pain.

The big problem with using these numbers is that there isn't any standardization between the different manufacturers of the DEXA machines. They use different populations as their basis for determining what's normal. So it's more important to look at the comparison of this scan with the previous one, assuming they were done on the same machine, with (hopefully) the same technician. Your comparison study shows that you are withdrawing more from your bone bank than you are depositing. However, there is no need to panic. All you need to do at this point is make sure you're getting enough calcium in your diet and that you're also doing weight-bearing exercise.

A good web site for you to check out is this one:
(You'll have to copy and paste the green part into your browser.)
It has lots of good easy-to-read information on osteoporosis, treatments, bone physiology, and has some really excellent animations that show normal and abnormal bone turnover and how different treatments affect it.

On your CBC:
Did they have the reference ranges with your actual results? I just looked at an old blood test of mine and they print a "normal" range and if your numbers fall outside of that range there's a notation of that. The reference ranges are based on gender and age, so mine (at age 49) may be different from yours, so I'm not going to comment on that. I am surprised that there was no RBC listed, which is the number of red blood cells. I imagine they'd be looking for anemia especially if you fatigue easily, and anemia is just a symptom for which they would have to find the cause. It could just be iron deficiency, but you should talk to your doctor about that.

Here's a site which should help you with the blood test info:

Dx Osteoporosis 5/04, age 49
T-Scores: Spine -3.0, Hip: -1.9
Current treatment: Evista

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