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[QUOTE=ThinBones]I have been taking Forteo for almost a year now. I have had no problems with it but recently I have felt just awful. I am also peri-menopausal and having quite a few symptons on and off that are affecting me. Recently though I have felt just awful. No, and I mean no energy during the day, can't wait to get in bed at night, feel short of breathe at times, and I know these are all signs of menopause but they are getting so extreme that I figured I would take a week off from Forteo to see if it has any effect. Has anyone else had any of these problems???? I am at my wits end as I know I cannot stop taking Forteo but I feel some days I cannot continue if it is the Forteo that is making me feel so awful. Anyone else in the same boat or is it just the woes of menopause??? Thanks so much!!! :confused:[/QUOTE]

I'd have to go along with Chronie. The shortness of breath would trouble me. Not a sign of menopause that I've heard of. Sounds more like a virus or the flu. I'd check with a doctor about how sick you feel. I haven't had any side effects from the Forteo that I know of.
I would have to agree with the others. The symptoms you describe sound more like some type of flu symptons. I too have been on Forteo for almost a year and so far have had no side effects. I would tend to think any side effects from the Forteo would show up much sooner. It's good that you have a doctor appointment coming up; hopefully you can get some answers that will be helpful. Good luck to you.

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