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Hi, I am a 38 yr old female with osteoporosis really bad, I started forteo 4 months ago and already I have seen an increase in weight gain in my mid section and I only give the injection in my thigh! I feel very uncomfortable, and also I have extreme bone pain. Sometimes it is so painfull it brings me to tears. The docs do not even know why I got osteoporosis so young, and in one year I went from Osteopenia to Osteoporosis.
Hi, I'm 34 years old and I was just diagnosed with osteopenia (T score -2.4, almost in complete osteoporosis). I've had severe back pain for the past 10 years but learned to deal with it. Every time I went to the doctor to be tested they just acted like it was strain or I was seeking drugs. Finally, after being fed up, I finally went back to the doctor and told her straight up what I wanted done--testing--and I was not playing around. Well, after an MRI showed up lots of degeneration for someone my age, she decided to do a DEXA. She wanted me to go on Fosamax because Forteo wouldn't be paid for by insurance until I was in total osteoporosis. I chose not to go on Fosamax given the controversy with necrosis. I feel the lifestyles we lead in the US and all the processed crap we've bought into caused my condition, as it led to hormone imbalance. I'm on natural progesterone to try and rebuild bone as well as tons of vitamins and am working on changing my diet and lifestyle. I have daily pain but all I can do is pray this works. I have babies I have to pick up.

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