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Re: Hi guys!
Mar 20, 2006
I went to see the doctor today. He draw me blood to check for my calcium levels, thyroid hormones, kidney function etc..I really like this doctor, he is such a sweet man, I mean he is the kind of doctor that calls you at home to see how you are doing.

Okay so I saw the dx results which were mostly -1.5 the worst was -2.1 in the lumbar spine. I told him that I ordered ezorb calcium and that I was going to the gym to lift weights. He told me that was a great plan and that if the ezorb my stomach don't tolerate it he was going to do research on more calcium alternatives for me. He told me that osteopenia is characterized by calcium deficiency. So he told me calcium with vitamin D was the way to go. He told me that magnesium for example was not going to do much. He made an emphazis on the vitamin D as he says that was the one which was going to keep the calcium in the bone so he said to take the ezorb with a vitamin d supplement.

Can somebody point me out the medical studies where it says that milk will leach the calcium from the bones? That of the yogurt, I know i had an indian coworker who eats tons of yogurt and same as me was diagnosed with osteopenia. The only way milk as far as my scientific backgroudn goes will leach the calcium from the bones is because of the vitamin A that they put on the milk. Vitamin A in the fat soluble form can do leach the calcium (thats the nature of retinoids) but then in the amount it is in milk I it probably can't do much damage. I ordered one time a milk powder that had zero vitamin A, that should be a real safe one.

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