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I just got my first bottle of Ezorb and reading the label, it says that each serving (2 capsules) provide 1120mgs of Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous and
146mg of elemental Calcium.
I just wrote to them and haven't heard back, but I'm a bit concerned about the low level of elemental calcium per serving. Does this mean that you only get 146 mgs of calcium and the calcium aspartate anhydrous is a helper of the calcium or is the calcium aspartate anhydrous a substitute for traditional calcium?
I'm concerned about not getting enough regular calcium per serving.
Although I bought the bottle, I guess I'm still a little skeptical--, when you call them, you can't speak with someone directly. You have to leave a message and they call you back.
thanks, Crohnie.
Here's the response I got from Elixir about the concerns I wrote about.
This is a really suspicious, non-medical type of response and makes me very very skeptical.
I'm going to wait til Peregrine posts her numbers after taking it for a year and see if it reverses anything. If not, I'll probably just take a couple a day--since it only adds 300mgs of elemental calcium to my already 1000 of calcium citrate malate.

Dear Cathy,

Thank you for contacting Elixir Industry. EZorb is not
a traditional calcium. It doesn't go by the
milligrams. The recommended dosage of EZorb has been
clinically tested and proven to be the best for
different weight groups. It's critical to follow the
instructions that came with your order. There's no
need to take extra calcium.

Information on the bottle sometimes creates confusion
but it's mandatory requirement from FDA. Simply ignore
the label information and follow the instructions on
the separate sheet.

All the best,
EZorb Online Medical Staff
Elixir Industry
I got today the first bottle of the ezorb and I am excited about this calcium. I bought the powder form since I want to take the least chances with my sensitive stomach. This calcium is incredibly lightweight so makes a lot of sense to me why it could be so well absorbed and not a reason to cause kidney stones. Remember guys you want the highest absorption, not the highest amount. Obviously is something is better absorbed then you need to take less. I am in all for this calcium and don't mind being a guinea pig. So add me guys to the list of wait and see if it works. I will certainly keep you guys updated. One thing I don't agree with what they say, or to say they didn't inform completetly. It says it doesnt need magnesium and vitamin D to be absorbed which could be true but vitamin D is needed in order that the calcium that is absorbed stays in the bone. So I'm going to buy tomorrow a vitamin D supplement as my doctor recomended and take it along with this nice ezorb. Right now I'm seeing if my stomach tolerates it. :)
Thanks, Nightangel.
I totally agree to take Vitamin D with it.
I'm going to wait to hear what happens with Peregrine (since her test comes up soon.) Gee, I would LOVE for this to work. I don't mind being a guinea pig--just for the price (and it's really pricey), don't want my numbers to get worse.
I still feel in my gut that calcium is only a part of it and good weight bearing exercises & diet is just as important.
Please keep us posted.
Nightangel, are you planning on starting off taking 8 pills a day?
Cathy absolutetly I agree with you that calcium is only part of it. Weight bearing exercise is a must. I signed the contract yesterday to gold's gym and my plan is to do classic bodybuilding routines. Low repetitions sets at heavy weight. That's the key. I am 100% certain it will work as I am not new to bodybuilding. In highschool I gained 25 pounds in lean muscle mass (my whole body changed) this way. I have the gut feeling I have had bone low density all my life and it's just now that I know of it. I am very excited about going to the gym again as I was lacking a motivation to go, now I do :)

Since I got the powder I'm going with that the bottle says. I'm going to take 2 teaspoons twice a day (breakfast and dinner). Bottle suggest 1 to 3 times a day take 2 teaspoons. I plan on having a good calcium diet so I think this will be enough. I will eat lot of brocolli and brussel sprouts and dairy products so I don't see the need to take so much supplemented calcium. Now that the weather is warming up and I'm able to go walking at lunch time I will make sure I stay the 15 minutes in the sun everyday for natural D vitamin.
Yours sounds like a good plan and I am keeping my fingers crossed it helps.
Please keep me (us) posted.
I'm (ever cautious) still planning on waiting til april (when my calcium citrate runs out) and hearing Peregrine's results.
My bone scan showed a 10% loss even though I was taking over the counter calcium because I have to take Prednisone for Lupus. Prednisone causes osteoprosis.

I changed to EZORB and took it for 6 months ( 4 tablets a day) and hoped that it would just stop the loss. My next scan showed no loss so I called EZORB and they said that if I would increase to 6 pills a day I would see improvement. I hope so but I'am thrilled that it stopped my bone loss from the prednisone. I'm sure someone would have even better results not taking the prednisone.

Good luck,
Hello all,

I absolutely agree about the weight-bearing exercise being vitally important!

As for the Ezorb (I have no stake in their company ;) ) I see no point in taking it if you do not follow the recommended dosage for your weight and double dose the first 3 months. I think every product has a protocol that works for that product. How can you tell if it actually works for you if you do other than what they suggest? Just my take, of course. My understanding is that this is a different type of calcium product and does not require magnesium or vitamind D to do its "thing."

Wishing us all strong bones, by whatever means we each feel best about acquiring them :)

1000mg of Calcium Carbonate(the most common calcium supplement) provides 400mg of elemental calcium...Wow! - But wait...of that 400mg, you will only absorb about 5-10%. So at very best, you might absorb 40mg of Calcium from Calcium Carbonate(...and I think that's optimistic.) So what happens to the other 360mg?? Your guess is as good as mine, but have you ever heard of Kidney stones?...some of its excreted causing constipation and some is laid in places in the body where you probably don't want it. Most other traditional calcium supplements don't do much better. Ezorb on the other hand has about a 90-95% elemental calcium absorption rate which is also bonded with Aspartic acid which steps up bone metabolism. So lets do the math. Taking 4 daily capsules of Ezorb will give you 292mg elemental X 92% gives you 269mg of calcium absorbed. However, you could take about 6725mg of calcium carbonate which would give you 269mg absorption. Your choice.
Wow. I didn't realize that calcium carbonate only had 400 mgs of elemental calcium out of 1000. I thought it was the entire 1000. Do you know how much calcium citrate has? Because that's incredibly misleading for manufactorers to say that you're getting, for example, 1000 mgs of calcium if you take calcium carbonate or calcium citrate. The calicum I'm been taking is calcium citrate/malate and on the label it says it provides 1000 mgs of calcium for 4 tablets, but doesn't mention how much of that is elemental calcium.
Also, is the elemental calcium the most important part of the calcium to take for bones?
Cathy is misleading. But the manufacturers know that you'll need at least 1000mg of any traditional calcium compound to be of any benefit to you. Calcium compounds have weights and absorption levels. The weight of calcium citrate is 21% and the absorption is about 30%. So 1000mg of calcium citrate would have 210mg of elemental calcium. So of that 210mg, you would absorb approximately 30% or 63mg of calcium. A little better than calcium carbonate and probably easier on the stomach as well. The elemental calcium is the only part of the calcium compound that can be utilized for the bones. Therefore it must be separated from the compound first. There are other minerals in the bones as well, but they too must be in the elemental form before they can be utilized. :eek:
Wow. Thanks for clarifying that. Another question: What exactly IS elemental calcium and is that the part of the calcium that is most necessary for building bones? Is the other part of the calcium (say, the 790 mg of the calcium citrate that isn't elemental) usable by the body, or is it all discarded?
If so, in EZorb, since there's a higher absorbtion rate for the elemental calcium, what does the other calcium do for you?
Also, in The Bone Density Diet, they say that calcium derived from food is the best type for you--what type of calcium in found naturally food? Like, say, non-fat yogurt, which is supposed to be on the best sources?
Thanks again for all this info! Where did you find all of this out?
Elemental calcium is nothing more than that calcium all by itself. ...and yes it is extremely important in bone building since 99% of the elemental calcium in your body resides in your bones. Most of the other part of the elemental calcium that isn't absorbed is generally discarded, but a little bit is not and over time it may precipitate to other parts of the body which could cause problems. With Ezorb, the majority of the elemental calcium will get stored in your bones...which is a good thing. I'm not familiar with the Bone Density Diet but I'm sure that whenever the body takes in minerals in a food state it would probably be better absorbed because there are other factors in food which would most likely enhance absorption. For example, the Calcium Lactate in Milk or Yogurt would probably be better absorbed than if you took a Calcium Lactate capsule. But there are other times when the food can actually work against you. For example, although spinach has a lot of calcium, it also contains a substance -- oxalic acid -- that binds up its calcium and prevents absorption of all but about 5 percent of it. However, the oxalic acid in spinach and foods like rhubarb does not interfere with absorption of calcium from other foods eaten at the same time. So if you ate spinach and yogurt at the same time (Blah!), you would still get the calcium from the yogurt. But to be honest, the body will grab whatever it needs no matter what the form. :D
cathy and is it -2.2 that bad? My doctor didn't seemed alarmed. I too have -2.1 in the lumbar spine as well. I think because you do have a history of osteoporosis in your family you have to be on top of your bone health but I just don't think it's reason to be very alarmed. You know how many people out there have that same -2 something and have no clue they have it? I was one. I would only take drugs if I am fully diagnosed with osteoporis and and I'm at high risk of fractures. If it's osteopenia I think it's much better and healthier approach calcium and resistance training.
I bought my first bottle of EZorb in January because I read about it on this board, and when I had tried other kinds of calcium before, it always gave me increased PVCs (like small palpitations). I started by taking one per day, now I am increasing to two per day without too many problems. I don't know if I should steadily increase this. I am also taking Vitamin D3 1,000 IU per day, which I researched and decided for now that is the right dose. At age 50, I have osteopororis even though I am pre-menopausal, both hip and spine in the negative 2.6 range now. My next bone density will be in Aug. 2007, I sure wish my insurance would cover it more frequently like once a year. I first discovered I had osteopenia six years ago and tried Yoga and weight bearing exercises, which did not work, my bones got alot worse over two years time. I have been wondering if I should have my doctor do a test for Vitamin D in my system because there is a more concentrated source of D available by prescription.
another thing to consider: WHEN you take your calcium supplements. Prior to my dexa, I was taking 2 pills with breakfast and 2 with lunch. I've now switched to 2 with breakfast, 2 before bed, which I think I better.
I used to take ezorb too, but I my doctor was concerned about the high amount of calcium when I already got about 700 mg per day from my diet. My Doctor recommended a new calcium supplement called "Algaecal" that has vitamin d3 and vitamin k2 in it.

It may be worth checking out, plus they have people that answer the phone when you call them. that is always nice
Hi Folks,
I notice some of you are skepical about Ezorb calcium. I can tell you that I am back to find more. I bought 2 bottles and could tell a huge difference. I ran out and figured oh heck I'll just use my regular. NOT!!! My knees ache, my hips ache..D all of the above aches. So I'm back to buy more and NO I don't work for those folks! Just my two cents worth!

Hi all, I been taking e-zorb for a year now. I have to say I'm only taking 4 a day. My last scan showed a small improvement. I showed my doctor the information,she told me to stay with it. I also eat a diet rich in calcium and exercise. I pray e-zorb is working, for over the counter calcium cause heart burn and constipation. Just thought I add my two cents also.
I have been thinking of trying E-Zorb. One question - do you continue to take the regular calcium like you did before E-Zorb? I have not seen any mention of this. Of note I have osteoporosis and fibromyalgia also. Tried Fosomax but stopped due to side effects. My bone density last week did show some improvement
I have been taking just e-zorb,and had a slight improvement.I also eat a diet rich in calcium. I have noticed some of the calcium products I have taken,before e-zorb have caused heartburn and or constipation. I have had no problem on e-zorb.
[QUOTE=sunny47;3211316]I have been thinking of trying E-Zorb. One question - do you continue to take the regular calcium like you did before E-Zorb? I have not seen any mention of this. Of note I have osteoporosis and fibromyalgia also. Tried Fosomax but stopped due to side effects. My bone density last week did show some improvement[/QUOTE]

I take no other calcium supplement than Ezorb. None other is needed IMHO.
Just curious. What are the exact ingredients in EZorb? How does it differ from, for example, calcium citrate?

I'm on calcium citrate/magnesium citrate/ vit d by ''Solaray''. I don't have any constipation or diaharrea from this, luckily.

Any other opinions about EZorb out there. Speak out now, or forever keep your peace:D :D :D

Sunny We can get the strontium citrate here. I'm going to try that along with my calcium vit D magnesium and ankle weights for exercise. Also I read that whey and prunes are useful!:D
I take E-zorb, calcium citrate didn't work for me, my spine went from osteopenia to normal and my hip was a fraction worse after a Dexa scan six months after I started taking E-zorb. Some osteoporosis experts say calcium supplements won't improve hip density. I am due for another scan next month and I'll post the results.

Some posters make it seem as if E-zorb calcium is a mysterious form of calcium and the Elixir company is making false claims. E-zorb is calcium aspartate, I researched it, and have not found anything negative regarding that form of calcium. As a matter of fact, I've read on web-sites that give calcium information and don't sell anything that calcium aspartate has a higher absorption rate than most other forms of calcium. E-zorb is not the only company who sells calcium aspartate.

I showed E-zorb to a dietician who is part of an osteoporosis program in a hospital and she said it is a safe product to take. She only had a problem when I asked her opinion regarding strontium. She got angry and told me not to take it because it hasn't been tested on humans (her statement may not be correct depending on what form of strontium she was thinking about).

Regarding the cost of E-zorb, taking the regular dose of 4 capsules daily, the price breaks down to about what Citrical costs, because there are 180 capsules in one bottle. I guess you can find cheaper calcium supplements than Citrical, but I read the cheap ones have fillers that effect calcium absorption.
Since I take E-zorb I was interested in the article regarding E-zorb by Steven Jones that a poster mentioned. Steven Jones never says that E-zorb doesn't have a 92% absorption rate, he just claims that a China study on it might not be reliable due to corruption. Jones claims that if E-zorb is 92% absorbed then the body is missing out on the beneficial funtion of unabsorbed calcium (see excerpt below).

I figure I would rather have E-zorb's 92% absorbability in my bones because
I probably have plenty of unabsorbed calcium floating around from the calcium containing foods I consume.

***snipped for space***

[QUOTE=jacal5;3262014]I take E-zorb, calcium citrate didn't work for me, my spine went from osteopenia to normal and my hip was a fraction worse after a Dexa scan six months after I started taking E-zorb. Some osteoporosis experts say [B]calcium supplements won't improve hip density.[/B] I am due for another scan next month and I'll post the results.


This may very well be true. When I had osteopenia and went on calcium supplements my hip did improve but my spine worsened (according to my followup scan). The first thing my doctor said when I saw him was that my hip's improvement was most likely due to all the walking I was doing.

I was taking calcium carbonate and unfortunately didn't know that I should be taking that with meals. I'm on the citrate now and hoping for the best with Strontium. I'm still doing a [U]lot[/U] of walking.

I'm looking forward to your next scan results.
I take calcium carbonate with breakfast (cereal with milk) but did not know only 400 mg could be absorbed at a time. I also take extra strength tums in the evening - used to take 2 at a time now space the two out for better absorption.I was on Fosamax and had to stop after 6 months due to side effects. Just had my bone density (1 1/2 + yrs after stopping fosamax) and one hip and spine improved, one hip a little worse. I do a lot of walking and stuff with light weights. Will not go back on Fosamax or any of the others like it.....sunny47
[QUOTE=sunny47;3262427]I take calcium carbonate with breakfast (cereal with milk) but did not know only 400 mg could be absorbed at a time. I also take extra strength tums in the evening - used to take 2 at a time now space the two out for better absorption.I was on Fosamax and had to stop after 6 months due to side effects. Just had my bone density (1 1/2 + yrs after stopping fosamax) and one hip and spine improved, one hip a little worse. I do a lot of walking and stuff with light weights. Will not go back on Fosamax or any of the others like it.....sunny47[/QUOTE]

Those results are encouraging! Good for you! About the calcium, it's my understanding that 500mg at a time is ok.

I was on Fosamax for only 11 weeks and quit too because of side effects and researching. Out of curiosity, how long did it take for the side effects to subside and for you to get back to normal after quitting Fosamax? It's been 2 weeks today for me and I am still not right.

My understanding is that Calcium Carbonate is the least desirable form to take and this is from alternative as well as allopathic sources. You might want to do some research on it.
I was wondering why Sunny is taking calcium carbonate myself. I read that calcium carbonate can migrate to other parts of the body, so it's probably not being absorbed properly by the bones.
I take the calcium Carbonate because the others I tried upset my stomach and this does not. That is how I became interested in E-Zorb since it claims to not upset the GI tract. My blood calcium levels are high normal so does that make any difference.

Is there a better calcium I should try that is easy on the GI tract?????????

Hi Sunny,

I found the info below, maybe it will help you decide which calcium form is better for you. If calcium carbonate doesn't upset your stomach, you must be reacting to the type of acid it's combined with. E-zorb is the first one on the list, calcium aspartate. I never realized I was taking a form of calcium carbonate in E-zorb. I guess calcium carbonate and acids combine for better absorption. Calcium hydroxyapatite comes from cow bones and I don't eat beef so it wouldn't be an option for me.

I can't address your calcium blood levels, but I did read that long-term use of calcium carbonate can produce hypercalcemia in some patients, maybe that's why you have normal/high readings.

WOW - that is a lot of info to absorb - thanks. From what I am reading calcium carbonate is not that bad (40% elemental calciun) but the CCM is better. I will have to check how mine breaks down in the vinegar.

Am seeing my pcp this week and will get his opinion also - we go way back and he understands me and my "problems" - also have fibromyalgia and drug intolerances.

thanks again...sunny47
So as long as it breaks down that quickly it is OK? Or should I look into one of the other types such as E-Zorb or calcium aspartate? Have spent all afternoon researching calciums. I thought in your e-mail you said the the calcium carbonate does not always go to the bones - or did I read that somewhere else. As you can tell I am very confused on all this, but want to take what is going to do me the most good.

Thanks for your help...sunny47
No, calcium carbonate isn't the best absorbed calcium, the documentation from my prior post states that. I listen to a nutritionist on morning radio and a woman called a while back saying she wasn't feeling well (I don't remember why) and she was taking calcium carbonate. He told her to stop taking it because that form of calcium can migrate to other parts of the body.

Since your calcium carbonate dissolved in vinegar like the instructions said, it's probably ok, but I don't know at what point the calcium would migrate in your body, if it really does, before or after it got in your bones.

I took calcium citrate but did not see a positive change in my Dexa scan at spine or hip, so I decided to switch to Ezorb after reading about it from the posters on this board. It's a soft capsule, I never actually opened one, but they are very easy to swallow. It also comes in powder form. Once I spoke to an E-zorb rep on the phone, and he says E-zorb helps prevent the osteoclasts from breaking down bone, which regular calcium won't do. The dosage goes by your weight. I'm happy with it, especially since it improved my spine density, but my hip was fractionally worse after taking it for six months, but at least I didn't have a big slide in hip density. Another positive is you don't need participation of magnesium or Vitamin D3 for absorption, but I think it's better to take them anyway to keep the calcium in your bones. I just order my three bottles, it arrives very promptly, and I don't have to worry about buying it again for 5 months. It's never bothered my stomach, but I always take it with food, and sometimes I take it with green tea and apple cider vinegar figuring it might help with absorption.

I'm starving, I'm taking my VAP cholestoral test tomorrow morning and I've been fasting since 2:00 p.m., just drinking water. I take supplements for high cholesterol and they saved me from taking Lipitor, so some supplements do work well. My HDL, good cholesterol, is 78 now which is great, it used to be 56!

I hoped I helped you a little to make an informed decision on supplements.

By the way, I used to live in Deltona, Florida for ten years so I was wondering where Green Acres is, I never heard of it. Another thing, how are the doctors down there when it comes to bone density issues? I might stay at my friend's house in Viera Beach in Brevard County this winter.
If your triglycerides are around 40, and your HDL is 100, that means your LDL is around the 110 area, that's great! I don't know anything about the thyroid stuff.
If you didn't take sugar cane Policosanol instead of beeswax Policosanol, it's
doesn't work. I know a person who took 20 mgs. of sugar cane Policosanol and it didn't work, so she increased it to 30 mgs. and her cholesterol count improved. What's nice about the Policosanol, it raises HDL and lowers LDL when it works, and it thins the blood a little bit so you don't have to take a baby aspirin to prevent a heart attack.

I changed my diet a lot in the past four years, I eat no beef, just pork, chicken, fish. I have many more meatless meals than I used to, and substitute beans and nuts for meat protein and add whey protein powder to some foods to increase protein.
When I eat a calcium robber like meat, I try to balance it with calcium adder at the same meal, like kale. When I have a glass of wine, I add calcium fortified orange juice to make a sangria-type drink, to neutralize the effect of wine on the bones.
I was staying away from cheese because of cholesterol, but I read the fermentation of cheddar cheese is good for bones, so I buy cheddar cheese low-fat sticks from Trader Joe's now.

The one food I will not eat is soy, I believe it's not healthy for bones or anything else, and 85% of it is genetically modified, it's hard to find organic soy, but GMO or non-GMO, I won't eat it. I try to buy products without soybean oil or lecithin, it's very hard, but I've managed to eliminate a lot of it.
Sometimes I get disgusted trying to manage my diet for my health conditions,
but sometimes it can be a fun challenge!
Why did he want to increase your Lipitor with the great numbers you have now? Do you have heart disease? My LDL is 150 and and my HDL is 78, my Total is 256, but my ratio of TC to HDL is way under the guidelines. My TC used to be 300 and LDL was 191 before the supplements and diet change. Did you know the most optimal levels of TC are between 180 and 239? Most women over 50 yrs; old have TC at the 250 range, and I don't hear of many women dropping dead of heart attacks.

In my opinion, no person should consider any cholesterol treatment options unless they have the relatively new VAP cholesterol test. It breaks down HDL into sub-groups, HDL1 (least protective) and HDL2 (more protective). It also breaks down LDL into small particle (dangerous), and large particle (doesn't stick to arteries). Medicare and most insurance companies cover it now, it's a simple test, I read that in some places it only costs $65.00 if you have to pay out of pocket. I posted a reply in more detail about the VAP to a poster of the High Cholesterol board, the entire thread entitled "what is considered a good HDL level" is very interesting and I am waiting for a response to my post on page 4, I really think you would enjoy reading it.

You might have all the best kind of HDL and LDL and not need any drugs. I just had my blood collected yesterday for the VAP, full blood panel, c-reactive protein and homocysteine levels. If my LDL cholesterol is the small particle kind, and my HDL is the least protective one, I'm going to ask my doctor for Niaspan.

Why don't you ask your doc about Niaspan, or try niacin supplements instead of Lipitor. It's supposed to raise the HDL and lower LDL without the side effects of statin drugs, it's Vitamin B. Lipitor doesn't do much to raise your HDL.

There is so much documentation regarding the dangers of soy to the thyroid,
bone density, breast, etc. There was even a news show on one of the major networks last year about the dark side of soy, so the mainstream media even tried to get the word out. For instance, soybean contains phytic acid and aluminum which are both bad for bone density. There are so many other good choices of foods that can increase calcium/bone density, why ingest a controversial food?
If you must eat soy, try a little organic fermented tofu, I think that's what most health experts recommend.

Just the fact that soy is genetically modified in the U.S. and the fact that it's controversial is enough to keep me away from it. Research genetically modified foods and you will read that soy, cottonseed oil, and canola oil have the highest rates of modification. Genetically modified foods are banned in Europe and some third world countries in Africa refused U.S. food even though they are starving! Try to eat as little processed foods as possible.

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