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Thanks I will have my new doctor test me for vitamin D very soon. I just read about Dr. Holick and his work is amazing. What is more amazing is that I could see him if I want, he is in Boston and I am in north east CT, not too far. I have not read the book UV Advantage yet. Cathy, I did recently read The Bone Density Diet book. We are finally getting nicer weather up here so yesterday I went in the sun as much as I could! My sister and I both have early osteoporosis and we both feel much better at the end of the summer. I talked to my pharmacist yesterday about the prescription types of D - there are two of them, the 1,25 (OH) 2D3 I think is the one that can cause hypercalcemia. I forget which one is the safe one. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this was the cure I need?
I take E-zorb, calcium citrate didn't work for me, my spine went from osteopenia to normal and my hip was a fraction worse after a Dexa scan six months after I started taking E-zorb. Some osteoporosis experts say calcium supplements won't improve hip density. I am due for another scan next month and I'll post the results.

Some posters make it seem as if E-zorb calcium is a mysterious form of calcium and the Elixir company is making false claims. E-zorb is calcium aspartate, I researched it, and have not found anything negative regarding that form of calcium. As a matter of fact, I've read on web-sites that give calcium information and don't sell anything that calcium aspartate has a higher absorption rate than most other forms of calcium. E-zorb is not the only company who sells calcium aspartate.

I showed E-zorb to a dietician who is part of an osteoporosis program in a hospital and she said it is a safe product to take. She only had a problem when I asked her opinion regarding strontium. She got angry and told me not to take it because it hasn't been tested on humans (her statement may not be correct depending on what form of strontium she was thinking about).

Regarding the cost of E-zorb, taking the regular dose of 4 capsules daily, the price breaks down to about what Citrical costs, because there are 180 capsules in one bottle. I guess you can find cheaper calcium supplements than Citrical, but I read the cheap ones have fillers that effect calcium absorption.

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