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[QUOTE=sunny47;3262427]I take calcium carbonate with breakfast (cereal with milk) but did not know only 400 mg could be absorbed at a time. I also take extra strength tums in the evening - used to take 2 at a time now space the two out for better absorption.I was on Fosamax and had to stop after 6 months due to side effects. Just had my bone density (1 1/2 + yrs after stopping fosamax) and one hip and spine improved, one hip a little worse. I do a lot of walking and stuff with light weights. Will not go back on Fosamax or any of the others like it.....sunny47[/QUOTE]

Those results are encouraging! Good for you! About the calcium, it's my understanding that 500mg at a time is ok.

I was on Fosamax for only 11 weeks and quit too because of side effects and researching. Out of curiosity, how long did it take for the side effects to subside and for you to get back to normal after quitting Fosamax? It's been 2 weeks today for me and I am still not right.

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