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I got today the first bottle of the ezorb and I am excited about this calcium. I bought the powder form since I want to take the least chances with my sensitive stomach. This calcium is incredibly lightweight so makes a lot of sense to me why it could be so well absorbed and not a reason to cause kidney stones. Remember guys you want the highest absorption, not the highest amount. Obviously is something is better absorbed then you need to take less. I am in all for this calcium and don't mind being a guinea pig. So add me guys to the list of wait and see if it works. I will certainly keep you guys updated. One thing I don't agree with what they say, or to say they didn't inform completetly. It says it doesnt need magnesium and vitamin D to be absorbed which could be true but vitamin D is needed in order that the calcium that is absorbed stays in the bone. So I'm going to buy tomorrow a vitamin D supplement as my doctor recomended and take it along with this nice ezorb. Right now I'm seeing if my stomach tolerates it. :)

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