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You are entirely right. Keep your appointment and discuss what tests are NECESSARY since YOU must pay all costs out of pocket.

Where are you having your blood tests done? At some professional lab like Quest Labs or a your local hospital's outpatient lab? If you have them done at your local hospital's outpatient lab you can usually negotiate a somewhat better price for the tests with the hospital. There is no negotiating w/Quest or the like. If the draws are done in your doctor's office and sent out you need to discuss that too.

You mention that you have had no fractures this year. Are we to assume that you have had fractures prior to this past year due to osteoporosis?? If you've previously had fractures that 'could' make current xrays more important. There again, discuss which ones are necessary and then have them done at your local hospital and negotiate ahead of time w/the hospital on the costs.

As far as annual blood tests: are we talking blood tests just for the osteoporosis and Forteo or for an annual physical?

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