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My grandmother, bless her heart, has suffered another vertebral compression fracture. I don't know how many she's had but she's so bent over she almost has to turn her head sideways just to look up. Her gerontologist recommended kyphoplasty the last time she this happened, but she turned down surgical recommendations of any kind for any reason. This time she's in extreme pain and I'm trying to get her to consider kyphoplasty for pain relief. She won't take pain meds because at the age of 92 she's having a hard enough time keeping her bowels working as it is.

Kyphoplasty seems like the perfect's minimally invasive, requiring only one night in the hospital, it restores vertebral height and relieves pain within a day or two. And it's permanent.

I know that it's a relatively new procedure, but if I could tell her about others who've had it done with a good outcome, maybe she'll listen.

Dx 5/04, age 49: Spine -3.0, Hip: -1.9
5/05: Spine -2.7, Hip -2.1
Current treatment: Evista

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