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Hi - I've now gone back to taking Reosto (herbal treatment) after giving up on the herbal tincture (too difficult to carry around and also made me feel 'odd'). Anyway, I had been taking Reosto with no side effects at all so I have decided to go back to this and continue to take it for six months or so along side the Fosamax (now into my third month and with no noticeable side effects) and then have another bone scan. I haven't been offered any other treatment over here and no other tests but have been told if my bone denisity has not increased at the time of the next scan then I will be offered SERMS (I think this is Evista?) :confused: Are there any side effects or negative by products of this treatment? . If anyone is interested in further information on Reosto then take a look at [url][/url]. It is available for purchase via the Internet. It is not as expensive as Ezorb which I am still thinking about but don't know whether I should be taking so many different things and of course most doctors know very little about alternatives and say that not enough studies have been done on them. If I take so many different things I'll have to end up working more hours to pay for them all and that will cut in to my time in the gym!! Not to mention the organisation required to take so many different supplements and space them out over the day ;). It is difficult to know what to take.

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