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I took Miacalcin (nasal spray) for probably about 7-8 years and then my husband's insurance company suddenly stated it wasn't covered any longer so I had to go on Fosamax and it really hurt my esophogus had a dry cough constantly and finally went to the doctor and he sent me to have the scope done on my esophogus and fortunately got it before it had done severe damage but it had definitely caused a sore area and had to go on Nexium for that for awhile BUT I went off of the Fosamax and said NEVER again! After this the insurance said "well" we will pay for the Miacalcin!! Go Figure! Anyway, I really like the Miacalcin as far as I am aware I have never had any side effects with it and the last Dexa Scan I had showed me in the 90% range of women younger than myself!!! I am now 57 and I was told when I was 47 that my bones were that of an 75 year old so I am thanking God for the improvement that I have had and I might add that for about 4-5 years I was very faithful to walking and about 3 years of Curves For Women. So I do know that exercise helps also..........I would NEVER take Fosamax but I do realize that some women have had excellent reports with it............

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