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:wave: [QUOTE=shawngo]Hello, I am looking for more information on the side effects of Fosamax or Alendronate?

The searches I've done on the web haven't been very successful.


Shawn :)[/QUOTE]


Everyone is SOOO different. I was on Fosomax for two years and got worse. I also did not have any side effects and was fortunate in that regard. However, it did not help me at all. So now I am on Forteo. Most side effects I think were usually the heartburn variety I thought. That is why they tell you to not lie down after taking it and not to eat :wave: :) for 30 minutes. I had no problems but wish it had helped me some.

Good luck to you,

I can't stand Fosamax, but at least it's not as bad as Actonel. I was put on Actonel in 2003 because one of my GP's (I've got 3) was worried about my DEXA scores at the time: I was born with a bone & joint disease already placing me at risk, plus was on Decadron constantly throughout the 90's for my chronic asthma and lung problems.

My doctor knew (and still knows) very little about the side effects. After my first pill (and everytime I took it) I would be bedridden with bone and joint pain, flu-like symptoms and a high fever (in the 102.XX range). My heartburn got much worse and I became anemic. I also lost my appetite - anorexia is a listed side effect. Even now, 3 years later, I still have not gotten it back and go for days w/out food (luckily the Morphine I'm on for managing my pain makes me hungry :) ) It also seems to make my legs and feet swell up with Gout-like pain. Gout-like because everyone thinks it is Gout, but it's not as painful as most sufferers would claim and doesn't seem to follow the Gout pattern of attack. The only good thing was that I lost all the weight I gained from the Decadron and I can actually see my neck now :eek:

Fosamax is very similar, but the problems appear less frequently and feel almost random - one week I'll be having severe joint pain, but no swelling, the next I'll have the gout-like symptoms, but nothing else. With both, the week I take them becomes a lost week because I won't be able to do most anything.

I don't bother with either these days. My primary GP seems oblivious to the side effects and thinks that I'm either making them sound more severe, are a "neccesary evil" or can be 'fixed' with more medicine(s)... SIGH! She wants me to try something "stronger" like Forteo, but there is no way in heck I'm going on another. Another point about the different effects of the drugs has me wondering if they're doing more harm than good - my DEXA scores have gotten worse since 2002 and it appears that neither have made any difference.

In addition I also take a liquid calcium with magnesium and other vitamins, work out for 30 mins every other day (it's too hard to shoot for every day) and eat lots of veggies. I've been able to completely give up sugar and caffeinne, except for a Dr. Pepper here or there (quite rarely - 2 12oz servings a month) and I never drank much alcohol. I'm 28 now and suspect that I might have gotten to osteoperosis level when I was in my late teens after a long 8 month decadron 'stint'.

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