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I called to make a Rheumatoidologist appointment and when I told to girl taking the appointments I didn’t have insurance she suggested I go to the Prime Care Clinic…they only charge $30. per visit. sure beats the $ was going to cost to see him at his office.
So I make the appointment w/ prime care and when I show up, today I end up seeing the same Doctor (#14) I had originally called, just so happens he works two days a month at the clinic. Cool hu?
He to asked ……why the Doctor from the TX Back Institute was sending me to the Endocrinologist?
He suggested I come back to the clinic on Monday for blood test there.
So I will be canceling my Endocrinologist appointment for Thursday.
That would have been another $ the least…… (which I’m thinking of as money I would have spent anyway….Now I’m just spending it on blood tests!

He didn’t want to check
• Parathyroid hormone level
Because it cost $180. “I don’t care what it cost.. I’m having it”
He did say the blood test Monday would be for
• Calcium
• Diabetes screening
Vitamin D
The below tests were suggested here on this board
“I will ask about getting them also”
• Ionized calcium levels
I know yawl have a lot of experience with blood tests.
So please tell me what else, yawl think, I should have checked while I’m there.

He also took me off Fosomax and wants to start me on Forteo.

He says I do not have rumatoid arthritis.

And says that I do have osteoporosis & a pain management problem.(he will have a RX for pain for me Monday)

I will appreciate & consider anything yawl have to say.

I also went to my second Ozone Therapy today….the towels I wiped off with were really grey……guess that’s a good thing .I don’t feel any different but I’m going to keep going. Who knows it may help.

I really do think I’ll get better…..I’m holding on to the motor cycle and golf clubs just incase there is a light at the end of the tunnel…..
Everyone have a great weekend!
And thanks again,

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