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sjde, I think alot of us are in this same boat and no one has the proper answers. I am 50 and was diagnosed six years ago with osteopenia during a free bone density scan which my doctor even asked me "Why are you bothering to go?" Good thing I went because I got a dexa scan after that and one every two years since and definitely went right into osteoporosis. I am now -2.5 range. I am active, normal weight and everything, good diet, no caffeine or alcohol and have been to top endocrinologists and will be seeing another bone specialist in June for some answers. Right off the bat I refused Fosamax, Actenol, Evista and Forteo - I still have my periods every month, I am barely peri-menopausal. Been reading alot of books lately and there are a few good ones, The Bone Density Diet, The Calcium Factor and Death by Diet are three. Others suggested the Myth of Osteopororis but I haven't read it yet. Anyhow I started taking EZorb calcium in Jan. 06 and Vitamin D3 1000IU from fish oils, want to start taking Vitamin K soon (seeing a Naturopath next month) and I even tried Strontium but I quit that after a short while. There are other things I am researching such as Reosto, Ipriflavone (has side effects) and Urticalcin. Finding a doctor who really understands this is next to impossible but I have heard rumors that there is practically an epidemic and research is being done (where I don't know) but I just hope they don't push another nasty drug on us.
Hi there - I was diagnosed just after Xmas as I had initially had a peripheral scan which showed low density in the forearm. I am also active, fit and have been doing exercise like aerobics, weights, running and walking for years. I do drink caffein in moderation and likewise alcohol. However, as my mother had severe osteoporosis it must be genetic but I thought I had done enough to avoid it. I am 54 and don't feel like an old lady either especially as I have a teenage daughter. I am currently taking Fosamax (now 3 months) but I was interested to see that you are considering Reosto as I have posted several times about this. I started taking it before Xmas and then stopped and switched to a herbal tincture prepared by a herbal practitioner. However, I decided the herbal tincture was too difficult to take and was not really agreeing with me (too many herbs possibily) so I have now gone back to Reosto and decided to take that along with Fosamax for the next 6 months until I have another bone scan. If the results are positive then I will come off Fosamax and take a combination of Ezorb and Reosto. Hopefully there will be a good outcome. I think you are right most of us do not know what to do for the best but I know if I do not give the Fosamax a try then I will be in the medical profession's bad books ;). Let me know if you decide to give Reosto a try - I have had no side effects from it. Good luck to you all.

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