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Vibration Therapy
May 11, 2006
I thought I'd move this into a new thread.
[QUOTE=PikaB]You might want to consider getting a WBV (whole body vibration) platform. In one study, women who used it for 6 months increased hip BMD by nearly 1%. The summary of that study is here:

It is reasonable to assume (but I don't know of any studies which prove it) that the combination of WBV and Forteo would be better than either alone. WBV platforms used to be very expensive (over $1000) but more reasonably-priced ones have begun to appear on the market. I got one last week from Soloflex (at [url][/url] ).

Here's hoping it boosts my Forteo results. Anybody else out there using the combination of Forteo and WBV platform?[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE=CrohnieToo]Thanks, PikaB, for that info on the WBV platform. Some time ago, maybe a year ago, someone else here had written about the PowerPlate vibrating platform and how pleased she was w/hers. But PowerPlate made professional models, none available around my area, and had just started making a home individual model which was priced at $3500 at the time and way outta my range tho I was very interested. I'll be sure to look into the SoloFlex. At the time I first read of the PowerPlate there wasn't much reliable info about vibration therapy for osteoporosis and my Endo tho aware of it was somewhat skeptical for the time being.[/QUOTE]
The results of one major study on vibration therapy ("Prevention of Postmenopausal Bone Loss by a Low-Magnitude, High-Frequency Mechanical Stimuli: A Clinical Trial Assessing Compliance, Efficacy, and Safety") can be found here
Although the overall results were disappointing (there was no average increase in BMD for the group getting vibration therapy), there was still lots of good news from this study, with the best results obtained by those women with the highest compliance (two 10-minute sessions per day, just standing on the platform). In that high-compliance group, there was an average increase of BMD of 2.73%; for the women who weighed less than 143 lbs, there was an increase of BMD of 3.35%. So if you stick to the twice-daily routine, and if your body weight is low, you are the most likely to benefit from vibration therapy.

Personally, I am hoping that Forteo will boost my BMD back into a good range and then (after my Forteo therapy is finished) I could continue to use vibration therapy to keep from losing those gains, without going on bisphosphonates, even if my endo wants me to. :jester:

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