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[QUOTE=taape]I got my Forteo carrying bag about 1.5 years ago but I don't use it's useless in hot weather. My Forteo doesn't come packed in bubble wrap it's in a styrofoam cooler and there is paper packing - like a brown paper bag type in between the ice packs and pen which is in the original box. Those ice packs do stay solid for about 2 days straight, they work great to use for picnic food.[/QUOTE]


Part of my problem is that when I got my first shopment of Forteo I was not at home and I had told my husband to unpack it and save the stuff it came in and to put the Forteo in the frig. He only saved the styroforam case and the refrig/freezable bags. He did not remember how they were packed so I am just trying to guess how they were packed so I can hopefully copy them on some car trips.

I did so this weekend and guess it turned out OK esp since there was refrig/freezer in the hotel. The hotel was old and there was no door on the freezer so I had to be careful that the pen did not freeze. I am glad that I had my thermometer. Did you put brown paper in between the frozen bags ( how many?) and were they placed on top of each other on the bottom with the Forteo in it;s original box, wrapped in paper towels on top of that? At least that it is what i did. I put it in a small cooler but not big enough to put the bag in the baggie. I will probably have to buy a bigger one. It is hard to carry the stryo box around into the hotel, etc.or anywhere. It did not seem that cold but the frozen bags were still frozen and had not melted to much.

The BIG experiement will come when I fly to CA in June. Still not quite sure what I will do. I think I will call Eli Lilly and see what they have to say and if they think their new bags are any better to use for longer periods. They did SAY in their brochure that came with the bag that you could use the new bags with frozen ice packs for up to 10 hours, but I am not to sure. If not, I will have to get VERY creative and look for some good thermal bags that might work to put in another carrying bag. The one I have not would not hold anything like that. Plane travel and all the post 9-11 searching make things soe interesting when trying to pack stuff. Guess I will put the needles in the suitcase when I fly.

Thanks again for your help. :angel: :)


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