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Ok, I refuse to take Fosamax or any other of those pills. Once doctors get you on that medication merry-go-round, they got ya! And I decided this waaay before 'Dead Jaw' syndrome came along. Yeah, Dead Jaw! Google it, you'll see.

Anyway, I have been taking calcium with Vitamin D supplements and it constipates me like crazy. It is insane how bad it has gotten. I am practically a vegetarian (except for skim milk), I excersice for at least 2hours at a time 4 days a week and I am suppose to take calcium with Vitamin D but it blocks me up and that is Not Healthy At All.

Can anyone please let me know how to get more calcium without the blockage? I already drink tons of skim milk, eat kale, broccolli, etc. I am trying to keep my bones from disintegrating. At this point I have been diagnosed with 'Osteopenia', a newly invented name created by doctors to get women on Actonel, Fosamax, etc.

But, it did give me huge a wake up call, I will admit that. And at least I have tripled my efforts to take better care of my self. But darn it, what do I do about calcium? Is there hope?

I am 49, premenopausal and would also like to know what supplements I can take that are natural to help with the typical symptoms: night sweats, etc. Ok, I'm done now, sorry for the rant. Really.

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