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I am wondering if you have noticed your urine being cloudy from taking calcium? I never noticed this problem until I started to take 1500mg (later on I lowered it to 1000 and then 500 according to doctor's suggestion). If I drink milk or eat cheese the urine will be cloudy in 1 to 2 hours and it would be within 2 to 4 hours if I take a calcium pill.

My kidney doctor told me he actually did not know if the cloudy urine caused by osteoporosis or the other way around. I think I know the answer to that. If cloudy urine is from osteo then I should have cloudy urine whether or not I take calcium. But, I only notice the problem if I take calcium or eat cheese or milk.

Do you all observe the same problem as I do? I do pee out more than 400 mg of calcium in 24 hours which is way too much compared to normal range of 100-250 mg.

Any comments?
Hi notcornell,

I too have noticed this, but I was under the impression that it only started happening after I started taking Forteo (with my memory I can't be sure!!!). I typically take between 1000-1500mg of calcium. This week I switched from calcium citrate to calcium aspartate/carbonate and it seems a bit better, but not altogether. I mentioned this to my internist last month, and to my endocrinologist today, and neither knew why it should be so, and then discussed it no further. I too have been wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. I know that it is calcium related because if I don't take my calcium there is no problem. I will take a vacation from the Forteo in a couple of weeks and I will again see if it makes a difference. I'm cosidering going off of everything and then adding my meds/supplements one at a time. I will also try to find my calcium threshold. Of course, my main question is, is any of the calcium being absorbed?? Hopefully so. I'm also taking between 800 - 1000 IU's of vitamin D. I hope we can find out what is causing this and whether or not it can be harmful to our poor overworked kidneys (and our bones)!!!!! I have an appointment with my alternative MD and will see what he has to say. I will share any info/advise he has. Take care all, and sweet dreamzzzzz...
Mine seems to be cloudy first thing in the morning. The rest of the day I drink alot of water and notice it's not cloudy. I wonder if it's just that way due to being sort of dehydrated.
If you catch your urine each time during one day you might notice that some are clear some are cloudy. If it is cloudy, you can put a teaspoon of vinegar in it, within seconds, the urine will be totally clear. This will then mean the cloud was actually crystals. I learned that phosphates in the alkaline enviroment looks cloudy. So if you put vinegar which is acid in it, the crystals disappear. What I don't know is if phosphates leak out then many other minerals would also come out. It is only logical to think this way. I will get an answer from my kidney doctor today.

My cloudy urine can be predicted since it is always within 1 to 4 hours after I eat milk product or take calcium pills. Other times it is always clear. So I have about 3 urines each day that are couldy. This means my calcium output is hihger than intake the result is negative. I pee out about 400 mg daily - which is about 20% (this is right for everyone)of the calcium I take and the other 80%(right for everyone) goes out from our bowels. So, I excrete about 2000mg of calcium each day but I am only taking on the average of 800mg daily. I cannot take more calcium because it will just come out. The thought of this scares me.

Calcium carbonate generates less cloud than citrate. And my kidney doctor told me not to take citrate since it makes CO2 in the blood too high.
I usually take between 1000-1500mg of supplemental calcium daily and have not noticed any cloudiness in my urine. However, like taape, I dring a lot of water during the day.
I went to my kidney doctor's appt yesterday. He now puts me on water pill to try to save the calcium. It is the HCTZ 12.5mg (also for high blood pressure but I don't have it) and he said if my scan in August is not good then he will put me on Raloxifene (Evista). I ask if cloudy urine is an indication that calcium is being excreted. He said yes. (But most of other doctors told me you cannot see the calcium in the urine. ) I believe this kidney doctor.
This is very interesting. Hopefully since i take 1500 mg calcium daily and my urine is clear, i am not excreting it. I don't understand the water pill/diuretic, though--wouldn't you just excrete more urine and calcium?
I am glad that your urine is not cloudy. This means your calcium is not lost. That is wonderful. I take HCTZ (water pill) to retain the calcium, most of the people think the same as you do but the pill somehow change the machnism of the functions in kidney. Endo and osteo and kidney doctors all prescribe it. I should know in 2 weeks if HCTZ works for me, if not, he might increase to 25mg and if that does'nt work then Evistar (sp?) In the meantime, I catch my urine and I am depressed when I see it being cloudy. I see it 3 times per day. 1-4 hours after calcium or milk or soy..
Just an update. I now mentioned the cloudy urine to a third doctor. He said he'd never heard of such a thing other than with a UTI, and that I shouldn't worry about it. I don't agree and will persue it further. Notcornell, I will be curious to find out how your med works and certainly hope that it does!! Please keep us posted and all the best.
I am on Actonel one time per week. I am also on calcitonin (nose spray) one time per day. And HCTZ 12.5 mg each day. I have been on Actonel and Calcitonin for about 4 months and added HCTZ 6 days ago. Doctor said to wait for 2 weeks before I can expect the result that he wanted. I asked if I should check my urine as a guide to see if water pill works, he said 'yes'. If water pill 12.5 mg doesn't work, I expect him to increase it to 25 mg.

I have not seen any change yet. Actually I do know which urine will be couldey since I take calcium 3 times a day, it is usually 2or 3 hours later my urine is cloudy. If I drink milk then it comes out in 1 hour.

I don't know why your doctor doesn't know about calcium in the urine. Even a normal person pees out between 100 and 250 mg of calcium daily and for men it is 100 to 350mg. My osteo and endo and kidney doctors all know it too well. They all wanted me to take water pill.

I get so depressed when I see my urine being cloudy. I hope it will be clear soon but I doubt it.
calcium excretion increased by 25% (from 6 mg to 20 mg per hour). When sugar was added to the caffeine drink, urinary calcium loss almost doubled (from 16 mg to 30 mg per hour). They found that sodium, chloride and potassium loss were also increased by caffeine. Phosphorus, found in most cola drinks, accelerates calcium and bone loss even more. Colas with caffeine and sugar added cause the greatest calcium and bone loss.

Everyone recognizes the importance of calcium in the diet of young people ( and older too). What this study tells us is that, while it is important to have adequate calcium in our diets, it is just as important not to overeat foods that cause calcium loss. The combination of caffeine and sugar almost doubles calcium lost through the urine. . The experimental dose used in this study was far less than the average teen's daily consumption of caffeine and sugar. After a hard physical workout, drinking soft drinks can cause calcium and potassium loss.>
I don't understand why they are not concerned either. Tomorrow I'm going to California on vacation and am taking a breather from the Forteo (approved by my endocrinologist) and will see if it makes a difference. Either way, I will mention my concern to him again and see what he says. If I'm loosing calcium due to the Forteo I may need to discontinue it. Try not to be too depressed. Have your MD's done a test for bone turnover? This may be more indicative of what is happening to your bones. Please keep us posted.

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