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Re: Natto
Jun 14, 2006
[QUOTE=suzieuk45]Hi there - I wonder if this is the same as tempeh which is also made from fermented soya beans and is an acquired taste :) It is also quite expensive over here. I haven't heard of natto but will google it. I wonder if tofu has the same effect. Are you on any other treatment?[/QUOTE]
Natto is very different from tempeh. In the oriental market where I buy it, natto is reasonably priced; the cheapest 100g package costs just $1.10 and that's the one I buy. In the google news article I mentioned earlier, it says that tofu intake was not associated with reduced bone loss. To find that article, don't just do a normal google search; instead type "natto" in the search box and click "news".

The primary treatment that I am on, is Forteo; I've just completed my 3rd month. I consider everything else (natto, vibration therapy, etc.) to be secondary. But I'm hoping that after I'm finished with Forteo, items like natto will help me to keep from losing BMD again.

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