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Okay, gals. Take this with a grain of salt since the 2005 and 2006 DEXAs were done on two different machines. (Altho the 2006 was done on the newer, supposedly better, digital DEXA scanner).

I've been on no calcium supplements but have been on a high [B]scripted[/B] dose of vitamin D weekly (along w/quarterly blood draws to monitor levels) and started on Forteo 19 August 2005.

3/1/05 6/12/06
Neck -3.3 -3.3
Troch -2.9 -2.8
Inter -2.6 -2.0
Total -3.0 -2.7
Wards Tri -3.9 -3.8

L1 -2.7 -2.2
L2 -4.8 -3.1
L3 -4.2 -3.9
L4 -4.3 -3.2
Total -4.1 -3.1

Remember, they were done on two different machines, so take that grain of salt.
Well, I'm still trying to take all this w/a grain of salt, BUT, my 2003 DEXA scan done at Mayo Clinic was done on a digital DEXA too.

[U]01 Oct 2003[/U]
Hip -2.8
Spine -3.2
Hip -3.0
Spine -4.1
Hip -2.7
Spine -3.1

Taape, my Endo has been scripting 100,000 IU of vitamin D weekly and I have a standing order for blood draws every three months. I never quite understand how the Endo honed in on the vitamin D because my levels were in "normal" reference ranges: PTH intact w/ionized calcium, serum calcium, both vitamin Ds .... there MUST have been something he saw someplace that I didn't.

Pika, yes, I saw that article. Plus a couple of other news articles about the same study. Actually, what they were saying is that Forteo was not cost-effective when scripted for those who can tolerate the bisphosphonates. They had to concede that there was a need and a place for Forteo for those who encountered severe side effects w/the bisphosphonates and for the severely oseteoporotic and the most elderly.
I also had my last scan done on a different machine, they said newer and digital and much better but you too had great results for 10 months!! You have to be somewhat excited about that. I have been kind of depressed, I was having Eli-Lily help me with the cost of Forteo as my insurance will not cover it and they sent a letter and stopped my coverage in May. I recently got another letter and sent in back so there may be some hope. I had to sign something saying I did not have Medicare part D which does not even apply to me yet as I am not Medicare age but I did and I am hoping they will re-think my circumstances. I just can't afford to pay out of pocket for this medication. I had such a great improvement after a year I really wanted to get the full benefit but such is life I guess. Anyway, congratulations on your great bone gain!!
Thanks, ThinBones, I sure hope and pray that Lilly will reconsider and again provide enough assistance that you can go back on the Forteo!!! I"m trying not to get tooooooo excited about the gain. But, goshes, when I saw the gain between the 2003 DEXA done at Mayo and this current 2006 DEXA .... its kinda hard NOT to get at least somewhat excited. I never did have a whole lot of faith in that 2005 DEXA but it might just have been that I didn't want to believe things had gotten that bad. I got the impression that my Endo and Eli Lilly Co were quite interested in the fact that I was on no calcium supplement (remember all the clinical trials included calcium and vitamin D supplementation) and just on a high dose of vitamin D in addition to the Forteo.
Thank you for the good wishes and congratulations, Mama Carlota. I didn't mean to ignore you in my recent post! They are appreciated.

Thank you too, NewBones. That is the reason I posted my results, to give others encouragement that Forteo can work! Especially those who cannot do the calcium supplementation for one reason or another.

And I have to shame-facedly admit that I've not been as faithful as I should be and intended to be about exercise and diet. I've done the walking bit the most faithfully but haven't always done a good 25-30 minutes of walking every day as my good intentions dictate. :eek:

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