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Thanks for the WHO definition of "severe osteoporosis". I've been told I have severe osteoporosis since 1996 at which time both hip and spine were lower than -2.5 but (knock on wood; knock, Knock, KNOCK) I've never had a fracture. My DEXA results have always said "high risk for fracture".

IF you can believe all my DEXA scan results my lumbar T-score last year was -4.1 and hip T-score -3.0. Yet after only 10 months of Forteo coupled with 18 months or so of scripted high doses of vitamin D and no calcium supplementation my June 06 lumbar T-score is -3.1 and my hip T-score -2.7. I have more faith in the 2003 DEXA scores which weren't as severe as the 2005 DEXA scores because the 2003 and 2006 DEXA scores were done on digital DEXA scanners and the 2005 was done on a DEXA scanner in a doctor's office.

Since not one of my DEXA scans have been done on the same machine much less by the same tech .... I'll have the most faith in next year's DEXA scan scores when I "finally" have my scan done on this same scanner as I had this year plus the odds are quite good that my 2007 scan will even be done by the same tech as this year!

Keep in mind that these DEXA scans are just another tool, another test, to diagnose and monitor our health problem and NO medical test is 100% accurate. Somewhere along the line a human or humans are involved in the process and no human is perfect.

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