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Thanks. I am still waiting to see the orthopedic hand specialist, appt. Aug.8. Have had the trigger thumb for about 4-5 weeks. I preferred a hand specialist rather than the reg. orthopedic doc.

Don't think mine is caused from repetition, however, I do sew practical quilt tops for chairty, doing so on my own good time, a little here and there. Do use the rotary cutter off and on. I also crochet a little in the evenings while watching TV. Manage to make one motif of a tablecloth. That is not all that much crocheting and do not do it every night. otherwise I am retired.

The right thumb pops, locks, very painful. Sometimes I have to manually release the thumb. The left thumb also has it but does not lock at this time. The ring fingers on both hands have a problem but not locking. Actually all joints in fingers are sore. Both thumbs hurt down thru the wrist and arm almost to the elbow.

I took Actonel once a week for 6-weeks. Three days after the 6th pill my body literally crashed, it was poison to me. Finally began to improve a little after 6 months. At night I would wake up with fingers on both hands locked into claw fashion and had a hard time getting them to release. This continued to happen off and on during the past year and now real problems with both hands. Occasionally at night I find my hands stiff in claw fashion.

I have inflammation in all of my body. Feet still have plantar fasciitis definitely caused by Actonel. It caused faciitis in sitting bone area too. Fortunately the sitting bone cleared up but feet are still a misery. In January both knees swelled/pain, had steroid shots in both. The right knee is now almost liveable but the left knee is still swollen/painful, but, it has improved some. If I bump a door facing accidentally I feel soreness throughout my body. The orthopedic doctor taking care of my knees did a MRI and x-rays. He said I have inflammation all over.

I could not take Motrin or Aleeve, caused stomach pain. A week ago my internist prescribed "Limbrel" an anti-inflammatory med. which is called a health food but is a prescription. So far it has not bothered my stomach and inflammation has improved some, I have hopes.

At the moment I have no feet, no knees, no hips, no hands, no upper arms to do diddley squat!!LOL!! Sure is boring not being able to do anything. Wish I had never taken Actonel.

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