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Re: Pressure breaks
Aug 31, 2006
Hi Nancy, I was diagnosed with osteopenia this May after I had broken a rib.
My sons friend gave me a hug and we heard a crack., this was last May 05, Now it is 1 year and 2 months and I have been to all kinds of doctors because I was still in pain, and they can not believe the ribs could break this way, finally one doctor gave me a bonescan and a ct scan and they found out I had 5 broken ribs. Now I am on Boniva for 3 months and the gave me an option to get on hormone treatments. I am new to this illness and I am just happy they found out why I was in pain. If anyone can tell me how long it will take to heal these ribs, please reply.:confused:
Hi ,I understand how you all feel . Two years ago I was fine and now since I went into menapause at 49 I have osteopenia I dont feel I am part of my family anymore , I have had 5 broken ribs since last May 05 , I got on boniva this March 06 when I was diagnosed with osteopenia, I am in pain all the time and I have not been able to go to the gym or play golf with my family , I lay in bed most of the time and I am scared if I dont do any excersise my bone will become more pourus. Doctors keep saying the ribs will heal but I must do nothing. If anyone has had broken ribs , and not healed for a long time , please answer my post, I cant understand why I am not healing ?

Hi Nancy, I am back to talk about ribs broken again , so it sounds like you can break them over and over ? Or maybe because we have osteopenia and the bones are pourus they take a very long time to heal. I play golf and work out at the gym and 8 months after I broke them and was back to playing , I didn't feel totally good, but I was getting so fat I needed to get excersice and also I was afraid not to get excersise for my bones. And they are still broke as I had a ct scan. So we dont know if I keep breaking them or they have not healed from the first time they broke. All of my doctors say they have never seen someone that takes so long to heel? I had all blood test and calcium tests and I am fine. But I am always in pain with these ribs. How are your ribs? are they healing? I have a fracture in my wrist and in my ankle, I wonder if these sports will cause me to break these bones? I am going on hormone therapy today and also boniva which I have been taking for 4 months. I hope my next dexa scan will show the same bone loss or less which I think is unlikely. My doctor said not to exspect better , just no more bone loss, at least he is honest.


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