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Hey, I'm the lady who couldn't see the needle for my children's childhood innoculation w/o dry heaving!! I was especially dubious about ANYONE, myself or anyone else, giving me a shot in the abdomen!!! Yeah, sure. So I insisted that when my doctor's nurse was to help me give my first shot myself that it be in the abdomen. I figured if I could do in the abdomen then I most certainly could do it in the thighs.

My hands were shaking, my tummy was queasy, I finally managed to stick the needle into a fold in my abdomen as shown - and knee jerk reaction immediately pulled it right back out!! Had to "stick" myself in another abdominal fold in order to actually inject the Forteo.

Ah! Success! Does wonders for the confidence and ego. I didn't fall apart, I didn't throw up, I didn't even drop the syringe. What's more it was a piece of cake! All that sweating and dreading ... for nothing as it turned out.

And in just 10 months on Forteo and vitamin D my T-scores improved to better then my 2005 DEXA and almost as good as my 1996 DEXA.

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