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Do you know what is the safe way to travel with Forteo? I have had a grueling two days dealing with the manufacturer's call center for Forteo. They claim that their travel system is to be used to store Forteo when traveling in order to maintain the refrigeration guidelines, and that I should have received the system for free when I was first prescribed the medication. While that may be the case, they also claim that the system may only be gotten from the doctor who prescribed the medicine. The doctor claims that he never received the stuff. The Forteo team also claims that it is illegal for patients to talk to the sales rep and that they do not have a way to get in touch with the person. After major negotiations, they claimed that the Forteo sales rep for my hometown had said that she was on the other side of the world and would not be able to stop by the physician's office until Monday. I live in a huge metropolitan city, but there appears to be only one sales rep and no alternate options for getting the supplies. The doctor does not know who the sales rep is. Repeatedly I was told that the weekend was fast approaching and that I should have thought of this earlier in the week, and that I would have to wait until Monday. I called three different pharmacists in three different pharmacies, and a local medical supplies company who said that they could not help me. In the meantime, I found a medical supplier on the Web that claims that their cooler works with Forteo. Who am I to believe? Would it be safe not to take the medication for the ten or so days I will be away, even though I have been using the medication for five months? I must fly in a few hours and I am very stressed out over this. What am I to do?
If you haven't left for your trip yet --I travel all the time with the Forteo. My pens are shipped to me from the pharmacy in a polar bear styrofoam ice chest and they send it with great ice packs that are guaranteed to stay cold for 24 hours. I use the cooler/ice all the time.

You can use any type of styrofoam cooler and frozen ice packs. Put your pen in the cardboard box with a ziplock over it. Put an ice pack on the bottom of the cooler, then a paper bag over it, then the Forteo Box, then a paper bag, then the other ice pack or packs. You don't want to freeze the pen so that's why you put a paper bag over it so the box is next to the paper not right on the pen box. Any type of ice packs will work but the medical ones stay cold alot longer, any type of cooler will work but one with good insultation will work better.

The traveling system Eli Lilly sends you is a little case and I found it didn't work for me. Within an hour the pen was already out of the temperature range being that I live in a hot climate. When you start on Forteo your supposed to get a starter kit and this is one thing in the kit. I never got it until I called the toll free number, my doctor never got it or offerred it to me like was supposed to happen. I called the Eli Lilly rep and pressed enough buttons to get through to the rep that talks with the physicians to clarify several questions I had. I don't think it was the sales rep though.

Take your Forteo on your trip with cooler/ice. Bring a thermometer so when you put it in different refrigerators at motels, etc, you can make sure that it doesn't freeze. If you travel each day on your trip you will need to refreeze the ice packs each night (and put the pen in a refrigerator) because there's no way to keep the medicine cool enough in a cooler for 10 days in a row. I hope this information is helpful to you.

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