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The foot pain I have is the ligaments on bottom of feet that connect to the heel bone (it is not heel spurs). There is a large ligament at heel bone that fans out to all toes at ball of foot. This ligament supports the foot. The feeling I have is a tight stretched feeling that aches/hurts while sitting or walking and feels inflammed. If you look up Plantar Fasciitis you will see pictures of the facia.

There are ligaments on top of your feet, especially one long one from ankle to end of big toe. This ligament and others raise and lower the foot. It could be inflammed in your case. The huge medical book my internist looked in mentioned "ligaments" as a side affect to Actonel which could mean the ligaments anywhere in the body.

The ligaments on top of my feet are not the primary aching areas, however, I am sure the general tired achy feet includes all ligaments, tendons, connecting tissue, etc. I cannot be on my feet very long at a time.

I do have a gangloin cyst on top of my right foot in area where edge of a pump type shoe land. It flares up off and on. Right now it is killing me. Wearing shoes that do not aggrevate the problem will help in the cyst going away on it's own. I have not had the cyst drained, read it will only come back. I just wait it out in misery for it to clear by itself. Gangloin cysts are very painful, whole top of foot hurts, and can come anywhere there is a bone joint or ligaments.

A ganglion cyst is a tumor or swelling on top of a joint or the covering of a tendon (tissue that connects muscle to bone). It looks like a sac of liquid (cyst). Inside the cyst is a thick, sticky, clear, colorless, jellylike material. Depending on the size, cysts may feel firm or spongy.

Have you tried wearing New Balance sport shoes (walking shoe) I found one that fits great, just like a glove in the heel/arch area. I also put Dr. Scholl's Gel Arch support inside the shoes. The Gel arch support feels better than the Dr Scholl's foam arch supports, well worth the extra money.

Have you looked up Boniva? Boniva is "ibandronate sodium" , another biophosnate like Fosmax and Actonel. The biophosnates act in the same way and can have same side effects. Boniva is the monthly version. Before you take this, please search for all side effects, what medications are not compatible, which meds you will never be able to take etc., what treatments such as for cancer and others it will interfer with or prevent being able to get treatment.

My choice of fighting osteoporosis is to not drink water with fluroide. Fluoride damages bones in older people. Even children need to be careful with fluoride, easy to get too much. They now have toothpaste for little ones with no fluoride as a safety. They are finally waking up that the wonderful miracle fluoride does cause problems. I drink Ozarka Natural Spring Water that has no detectable fluoride in the natural water and fuoride is not added. I called Ozarka to be sure. Recently discussed fluoride with my orthopedic hand specialist and he said the literature he is getting now has been talking about too much fluoride. I also take Citrical +D and magnesium. Also eat yogurt and choose foods containing calcium. Getting enough sunshine is a help in the body making it's own vitamin D. Only takes 15 minutes a day with exposure of hands, face to be enough. I am not a suntanning person, need to stay out of the sun, but do need some.


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