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Linktek: I just wanted to add to the previous post about your question. To clarify, I haven't been diagnosed with Hyperparathyroidism, but when I had my regular blood panel done my calcium level was normal, and this was done per Forteo treatment initiation. After that I saw an Endo, and he did a Serum Ionized Calcium test (different test) which came back slightly elevated. My point here is sometimes that happens, so ask your Dr. to do both tests, or at least make sure that if one test comes back normal have the second one to be sure. My PTH and Thyroid is normal so my elevated calcium doesn't directly point to hyperpara... Because of all this, I am now seeing a specialist to figure it out. Just make sure all bases are covered if need be. If I hadn't had the second test I wouldn't have known about the elevated calcium, and wouldn't be in the midst of the tests I am now to find out why it is slightly high. Because of this I had to stop the Forteo temporarily, and am not that happy that the first Dr. didn't do the Serum Ion. Calcium test to begin with. I'm sure there are other test to diagnose hyperpara... but I don't know exactly what they are, but I'm sure you could find out from others or Google it.

Good Luck...
Pam 1,
If I remember this right the endocrinologist I have been seeing since starting the Forteo said that blood calcium could be a little elevated because the Forteo keeps the calcium regulated and a little higher depending on when the tests are run. I wasn't taken off Forteo as she wasn't concerned about this at the time. If your calcium level was seriously outside of the guidelines for normal it's good to get it checked further.
Hi Queen:

No I haven't gotten anymore answers on my calcium level, but to clarify, it was only slightly elevated at 1.5. I had another serum ionized cal test last week after stopping forteo for over a month and waiting to see what the results will be. As I mentioned my PTH is normal, and as far as I know, I don't have multiple myeloma, kidney probs, etc. so it doesn't directly point to the usual stuff, so I really don't know what the problem is. I would imagine that I will probably hear the usual, which is, "you're just one of those people who run slightly high". Also, the elevated cal started "before" I started the forteo, so they can't blame it on that either. So I'll have to wait and see what the answer is in a couple of weeks when I see the dr.

Do you know of any other things that cause this? Can I ask you why they took out 3 1/2 parathyroids? Can you have a problem with them that doesn't show up on ultra sounds and blood tests? I've had an ultra sound of my thyroid, not parathyroid, and they found 2 nodules, but decided to leave them for another 6 mos. they are on my carotid artery, but the artery doesn't show any blockages.

Good Luck...


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