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[QUOTE=Pipknight]Thank you for your post :) None of my doctors have said anything about Forteo to me yet, but I will definately ask the Endocronologist about it when I see him. What is osteoscarcoma? Is the resaon the FDA approved taking Forteo for only a two year period because they haven't studied the effects of it after that amount of time? How often do you inject it? I will read the other posts on here to see how other people have done with it too. The more info I can get about meds the more comfortable I feel in trying them. :) Thank you very much for the info. :)[/QUOTE]

Osteosarcoma: bone cancer, [I]only seen in rats[/I]

Correct the FDA has not studied its use beyond 2 years, although I have heard of people that have taken it longer than that, it depends on your dr. and I suppose your response to it.

You inject it daily, very easy...:)



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