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[QUOTE]I read in Prevention magazine that you would have to walk at a 4.2 mph pace to increase bone density. I tried that on a treadmill and for me that was jogging, not walking. I do have a tip for you that may help in the posture department. I use walking poles while walking that i made from old cross country ski poles. The poles also take stress off your knee, ankle and hip joints, and help in going up and down hills. They also keep your arms in the proper postion and give the upper body a bit of of a workout.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for responding to my post, phyllis. Do you walk 4.2 mph with the poles?
I walked on the track a few days ago and did two miles in 40 minutes, so that means I walked at a pace of 3 mph. On the treadmiil I can only go 2.7 miles an hour because I have a torn ACL in one knee and a miniscus tear in the other. If I go faster than that my knees hurt. You made me realize that I am walking about the same speed on the track and the treadmill, I never thought about it.

My body is a muscolo-skeletal mess, i have herniated disks in my neck, muscle
spasms in my upper and lower back, sciatica with pain in lower back rediating
down my legs and feet, and I have repetitve strain injury which has left my right arm with muscle atrophy, pain, and pins and needles which renders it useless for any activity, so I couldn't use the poles. Thanks for the suggestion though, I appreciate it!

I go to the gym and work on the lower body exercise equipment like the hip abduction, leg extension, etc. to try to improve my bone density (I have osteopenia in my left hip (t-score -2.4) right hip (t-score -1.8). I had osteopenia in my spine but I take e-zorb and it reversed back to normal. I try to do stretches with my upper body, because lifting weights is too difficult for my upper body with the RSI and the disk herniation in my neck.

As you can see, I struggle along and try to do some activities that my chronically painful body will allow. It's a challenge every day, and now with this damage to my knees (I fell flat on my knees on concrete last year) I am even more limited. I am hoping the gym equipment will strengthen my knee muscles and make up for the structural damage so i won't need surgery down the road, and hopefully the bone density in my hips will improve also.

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