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[QUOTE=tomatojuice]Hi Suzieuk , My t-score for my spine was -3 last month. My hips were fine. I walk 4 miles every day and try to do osteopilates and weight exercises at least 4 times a week. I didn't always exercise. I was actually quite sedentary for at least the past year due to depression. The news of osteoporosis actually got me right up off my couch. Weird huh! Thanks for the information about green clay, I will definately look into it. Im taking strontium Dr. Bests and life extention vit k with k2 and citracal, plus magnesium, boron etc. Since you have done alot of exercises, are there any particular exercises you can reccomend, especially with weights for the spine. I would appreciate it. There are no exercise classes for osteoporosis in my are and i find exercise a little difficult to get going with, except the walking .[/QUOTE]
Hi there tomatojuice - I work out in the gym 3-4 times a week and do 40-45 mins of aerobic work (have recently started carrying weights whilst on the treadmill) followed by weights. I also try to walk for a hour or so at least once a week (more if the weather is good and I have time). I have just started Tai chi once a week (recommended by a natural practitioner I saw) - Tai chi is supposed to be very relaxing and good to combat stress(and depression and anxiety which is supposed to be a contributory factor with osteoporosis.I 've only been a couple of times but I am determined to keep it up as I can see it would be beneficial.I also bought a book (via amazon) called Exercises for Osteoporosis which I have found useful as it contains a number of exercises for the spine. The exercises are easy to do at home and can be done with minimal equipment. I believe the key to prevention is in good diet and exercise in your teens and early twenties (just the time when you are not likely to be sticking to a good diet and doing all the things you should be doing :) ) but of course I wasn't thinking about osteoporosis then. Despite all the exercise I have done for years it has not prevented it but I think I am luckier than my mother as it has been diagnosed early enough to do something. Anyway, I am going all out to do my best to halt the progress. I have been on Fosamax for 9 months now and taking the herbal supplements for 6 months and the last few weeks also taking Terramin (the clay).I'll go back to request another bone scan for early January so will let you know whether there has been any improvement or not. I've been lucky to have no side effects (that I am aware of) with Fosamax but I'm not happy about continuing for years. Let us know what you decide and good luck.

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