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I contacted Ezorb via e-mail and they said strontium citrate was dangerous. To quote them " Even for strontium renalate we have our concerns on its safety. Theres risk that if strontium gets into the bone matrix, it replaces calcium in the structure, causing cancer. The makers of strontium renalate made sure that it wouldn't be the case as quote" only one calcium ion was replaced by strontium" The risk is there". But then I contacted Dr. Micheal Janson M.D. via e-mail and he said"strontium citrate is quite safe. The supplement is not the radioactive substance. Danger should not be a concern, and srontium can help bone density". Why is Ezorb so bent on having me not take strontium citrate. I contacted them again to find out where they are getting their cnacer info, because in all the reading on the net that I have done, I have not come across this. I will wait til they get back to me with their explanation guess is that the ezorb people don't want to lose customers and would like to add new ones, for them money is the bottom line. They are merely looking after their own interest. Whether or not you take strontium is your decision, not theirs. After telling my dr. that i was going to take it instead of the actenol, he gave the ok to try it.

Did you notice that all the previous post on this topic have dissappeared? I read them just a couple of hours ago. Have you done any searches on strontium studies? I read several and they all said the same thing...its safe, effective and has none of the dangerous side effects. take care...phyllis

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