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[QUOTE=presson]what does blood level of calcium indicate?

back early this year before my dexa and before i had virtually ANY calcium intake, compared to now when i take ezorb etc, my levels are barely any different?

what should i deduct from that??[/QUOTE]

Hi presson: If your calcium levels haven't changed, and they are at normal range than that is very good, and that's what you want to see, as some of the other posters mentioned. Starting a calcium regimen should keep your levels normal meaning your body is using it properly, so you don't ever want to see it elevated or low. Did you have a Total Calcium Test or a Serum Ionized Calcium Test? The second of the two will give you more info on how it's being used in the body.

Read this link about calcium test's, if you like, it explains it very simply.


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