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I had gastric bypass and that somewhat affects my absorption but something else was happening within me .. so that I wasnt absorbing ANY vitamins which lead to my getting very ill...

I currently take :
50,000 Units of Vitamin D (once a week) (prescribed by doc)
Calcium Citrate - which also has : Vit D, Magnesium and Zinc
B-12 500mg
Fergon (Iron) 27mg
One A Day (Womens) Daily Vitamin (with Calcium)
Glucosamine 1500mg/Condroitin 1200mg

I will have my levels tested next week and will know if my levels are still on the decline or remaining the same/increasing.
My hope is that there is no decline ... that would be good news.


I was wondering why you say that you'll have to be on a ''diuretic'' forever in order to absorb calcium. Is it because of the absorption problem you mentioned that you had? I had no idea that diuretics help in the absorption of calcium. But then, I'm not a doctor and this is something new for me. What I had heard and read is that calcium, if used together with vit. D, magnesium, zinc and a few others (forgot all of them) - CAN help with the absorption problem.

Just a thought


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