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Hi Sirri: I agree with taape on the Forteo, I'm wondering why the doc put you on oral boniva with your malabsortion problems and surgery. You did mean you are on the once monthly oral boniva, correct, or am I wrong??

Forteo is reserved for people at the extreme fracture risk, and is generally tolerated "much" better than oral bisphosphonates (boniva, actonel, fosamax).

What type of doc are you seeing? With your t-score you should either see an endo or a mineral metabolism doc, and the min met. docs are usually found at the Univ level. Generally you have to have a current doc set up the appt for you, so I would ask about that; are you seeing an Internist, GP?

Forteo is easy to use (daily injection) and should work faster than boniva, however it depends on your system. Don't let the injection part throw you, it is much easier than a regular injection, and it doesn't hurt. You shouldn't have any trouble absorbing it since it is injected sub q (just under the outer layer of skin). Forteo works on osteoblasts to build new bone and reduce fractures, which is somewhat different than the way boniva works.

Here's a link that explains the drug that you should read


This med is expensive, so I hope you have insurance, and like taape said you can only take it for 24 mos.

When Eli Lily tested this drug, osteosarcoma (bone cancer) was found in the tested rats, but NO humans ever contracted it. The rats were given the drug at 3-60 times the human dose and for 80-90% of their lifetime where humans can only take it for the 24 mos, at 20 mcg daily. The link for cancer in humans is extremely low 1-4 out of 1 million for *non forteo users* with "no" known incidences of it from Forteo users. Anyone who actually contracted the cancer already had bone diseases other than osteo, or where rec'ving chemo, or had preexisting bone cancer already. One key here is it's effect on people who are still growing bone like the rats, throughout their lifetime, children, and pregnant mothers. Humans reach their peak of bone growth at the age of 25-30 yrs of age. All of this is explained in the above link.

I'm also taking it, and so far I have increases in bone marker's (at 5 mos) which means new bone growth, my t-score is -3.6 at the spine. I took actonel for 2 yrs and it didn't work, plus the side effects were pretty bad at times. I see a mineral metabolism doc at Loma Linda Univ, CA and hope she will be able to handle this for me, which I'm sure she can.

Good luck with this... If you have anymore questions just ask, quite a few people here are taking this. The most important thing is to not panic, I'm sure you will get all the help you need if you choose the right docs. Figuring out a solution to your malabsorption problem would be very important, since you surgeon had to know that malabsorption is an unfortunate side effect of gastric bypass. So he/she should have some solutions for it.


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