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[QUOTE=AliciaMae;2598397]I have recently started using the nasal spray miacalcin for my osteoporsis. I have taken fosamax and forteo. Due to the fact that I am only 26 years old, and plan to start trying for children in the next year or so, I needed to try somehting that is not so potent to my body. Does anyone know if it has shown anyone good results or used it themselves? I am very frusturated with my severe osteoporosis and would love any feedback.[/QUOTE]

I am 72yrs and started Maicalcin about 4 months ago so it's still too early to know if it has been effective in stopping bone loss and/or forming new bone. I have colitis and am very selective when it comes to taking any meds by mouth. This spray goes directly to the blood stream and does not have any effect on the digestive system. I really like the way my doctor explained the purpose of Miacalcin. He said that calcium is the building block, vitamin D is the mortar and Miacalcin is the "worker". Makes sense to me. :)
I take 600MG calcium with D twice daily and use the spray once daily.

I too, would like to hear feedback from someone who has more experience with Miacalcin and the results.

Miacalcin nasal spray is considered the least successful drug on the market. Miacalcin was the very first drug developed in the early 90s for osteoporosis. After Miacalcin, Fosamax was developed, and at that time the premier drug for osteoporosis. Other bisphosponates have been developed since then, like Actonel and Boniva, but they are principally all of the same type of drug. The premier drug today is Forteo, which is only taken by injection (smalll needle), which actually grows new bone, where the other drugs only slowed down bone loss. Miacalcin has been known to help against bone pain, and the pain from fractures, but it doesn't have a good track record for significant increases in bone density. For many, this may be the only drug that can be used because the other drugs cause stomach problems, and Forteo has to be taken by injection and is very expensive. In the early years of my disease, I was taking Fosamax and Miacalcin, since Miacalcin helped with the bone pain resulting from the Fosamax. I'm currently on Forteo, and since it's not known if Miacalcin interfers with the Forteo, I've stopped taking the Miacalcin. The information I've provided can be researched, and is common knowledge by most doctors that treat osteoporosis. I hope that your use of this will help you, especially if you are taking the appropriate amount of supplements of calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D. Take care.


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