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Hi Kathy: If you go to the NOF, you can go to the site and search it for any terms you might be interested in i.e. widows hump, or t-scores plus many other things.

I hope you find this helpful, but at least it will give you a good basis for knowledge, at this point. All your thyroid/parathyroid problems are a mystery to me, but I have had a similar situation where my serum ionized calcium level was elevated (different test than total calcium), but my pth was normal. The doctor found 2 thyroid nodules, but for the moment they aren't going to do anything about it. I heard basically the same thing that you heard, and that I must just be one of those people that doesn't present anylizable blood results, and that my calcium must just run a little high from normal. I find this ridiculous, but am in the middle of trying to figure it out with a specialist at a Univ Hospital tomorrow, right near the fire in CA, so we'll see if I make it. If I can gain any good info I'll pass it along. I think you should do some research on the TSH you're taking since the other poster mentioned having many problems with it, and these are the things you need to know.

There has been a debate about TSH (thyroid surpressing hormones) for years, and whether or not it causes osteoporosis, but from what I've read the decisions seems to be split 50-50. Some Endo's won't prescirbe it due to the "[U]so called[/U]" risk of getting Osteo from it, and the other 50% believes that's untrue, so you and your doctor will have to decide if this [U]is[/U] and issue or [U]not[/U] since the research is very misleading and split right down the middle.

One thing I wanted to add, is that since you have OA, spinal/disc probs that [U]could[/U] "possibly" cause the widows hump, however the majority of health professionals believe the kyphosis (fracture curve) is mainly caused by Osteopenia (bone thinning) and Osteoporosis (bone disease). I also have OA, spinal stenosis, dener disc disease, nerve damage, and 7 failed lumbar fusion--each one fractured several months to a year or two after each surgery. The reason I bring this up is because I have real bad posture, really bent forward, but it isn't the classical hump, which I'm told is due to my back problems, but I'm NOT totally convince on that since my t-score is very low and at the spontaneous fracture level. My grandmother had it also, and her's went untreated, and she lost a lot of height and had a very prominent hump. She never complained about any pain, so I don't think she ever mentioned it to a doctor, but back in the 50's this was something they felt you just had to live with, and of course there were NO meds back then to treat it. Saddly she eventually died from complications due to a fractured hip, she didn't last long after that happened (a couple of weeks) but she did live a very long life (93), but it's sad the meds weren't available for her.

Unfortunately complications from fractures (strokes etc) are very life threatening, so [U]we all need[/U] to do everything we can to slow or prevent Osteoporosis, because [U]it is preventable [/U].

Talk to you later, and hang in there...

All the luck in the world is headed your way :)


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