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Hi Kathy: I just wanted to tell you that I will get back to you by the weekend at the lastest, because I'm swamped right now with my med problems and a myriad of tests that I have to complete. So hang in there, and don't get worried, I'm sure it will all be figured out. If you want to read about Osteoporosis, even though your doc says you don't have it, there are many good govt. websites that could help to explain this, if you do indeed have it. National Osteo Found, Foundation for Osteo Research and Education, National Inst. of Health, are just a few you could read if you want to understand more about this problem and it's symptoms/causes/prevention and treatment.

There are two other things I wanted to explain, while I have a few minutes that might ease your mind some:

A t-score is a value used to interpret your bone mineral density results, which are based on the normal result for someone of your age, sex, etc. If you had a dexa scan to check your bone mineral density, your t-score would be listed on that report, which you could get from your doctor. According to the World Health Org. a normal value would be any score better than -1, Osteopenia (bone thinning) would be a score between -1 and -2.5, Osteoporosis (bone disease) is any score lower than -2.5. Osteopenia is a term used to describe bone loss or thinning bone; this is not a bone disease, like Osteoporosis, but a warning sign used to describe the stage of bone loss before Osteoporosis. If you have Osteopenia you should take precautions to prevent this loss from turning into Osteoporosis. The treatments for Osteoporosis are almost identical to Osteopenia treatment. There are different things you can do to help prevent Osteoporosis, so reading a good Osteoporosis website or book would help. Generally a diet with increased calcium (1200 mg to 1500 in divided doses daily) and vitamin D intake is suggested along with weight bearing exercises (3 times a week). Some doctors will put patients on various Osteoporosis drugs, if necessary, and these would depend on which is best for your particular health situation.

Widows/Dowagers hump generally occurs after a vertebral fracture causing the spine to curve or fall forward just below or at the shoulder level called Kyphosis and sometimes referred to as C curve of the upper spine. Loss of height is common when you have Osteoporosis. Some fractures go undiagnosed, because the pain can “sometimes” be temporary and can subside after a short period of time. Then there are other more severe fractures that don’t have the same symptoms I just mentioned.


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