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At the moment I'm taking a regimen of calcium/magnesium/zinc/vit d. I have no problems with this supplement (except for a mild laxative effect), which does not bother me, better than being constipated! I walk about one to two hrs a day too (briskly). Even though I was diagnosed with osteo (-2.2 in spine and -2.5 in hip) I decided against Fosomax, actonel or boniva. I might have considered Forteo, except that the problem with that one is what happens after the 2 yr limit, plus the cost. Well, my bones don't seem to be causing me any problems (yet) ;>. Does anybody have an opinion about a product called ''EZorb'', can it be bought at regular drug stores, or health food stores, or only via it's website.

TIA to all responders,

I was diagnosed about 4 m0nths ago with osteoporosis, -3 in the spine. I am 56 years old. I too, have opted not to use fosomax or boniva, or forteo. Instead I have made some radical life changes, such as adding calcium citrate 700mg , taken in seperate doses throughout the day and vit D, zinc, boron, vit K, magnesium and also omega 3 fatty acids. Changed my diet- eat alot more leafy green vegeys-such as broccoli and kale, added yogurt every day and ricotta cheese, fortified o.j.- just try to eat more calcium rich foods- blackstrap molasses everyday. I also walk daily, at least an hour briskly. And I do some pilates 3x week and lift weights 3x week for an hour. Also I take Strontium 680mg a night. I feel great - like a new person. The exercise and walking has definately made me stronger. As far as my bones go - it remains to be seen. I guess I wont know until my next bone scan , which my insurance will not pay for probably until 2008. As far as Ezorb goes - I get the impression that they want you to believe that there vitamin can cure osteoporosis . And it is expensive. If you can afford it- then its worth a try. But to reverse osteo I think you need a combination of vit, exercise and weights. And I am hoping the strontium citrate will help. We'll see

Thanks for your response. I too take Omega 3 fatty acids (1200 mgm). I find it hard to find a combination of ALL the substances you mention (vit k, boron) etc. And if I do find something that ALMOST fits, I then discover that the amount of certain ingredients is not enough. And I don't like having to take different supps separately, much easier in one pill. So I'm curious. Which brand do you use? (can you mention it in the posts, I'm never quite sure) ;>



I forgot to ask you this in my last post. What is strontium citrate, and where can one purchase it?

Thx again,

hi monteflus: There is a drug called protelos available in France, the Uk and canada. It is Strontium and ranelate(a salt. although it is not available here, other sources of strontium, that have proven to be just as good are, such as strontium citrate. I take a brand that provides 340 mg in acapsule. Two caps provide 680mg as per the sudies. In studies of over 5,00 postmenopausal women 14.4 percent increase in BMD at the spine in over 3 years and 8 percent at the neck. With no serious side effects. I dont kow though if it works for the hips. As far as one vit for all bone need . I dont think its possible. I take calcium citrate with added boron copper zinc, magnesium, B6 , vit D. I also take vit C with bioflavinoids, Omega 3s and vit K. I cannot say which strontium i take on here. just look for one with 340mg cos

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