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I was diagnosed about 4 m0nths ago with osteoporosis, -3 in the spine. I am 56 years old. I too, have opted not to use fosomax or boniva, or forteo. Instead I have made some radical life changes, such as adding calcium citrate 700mg , taken in seperate doses throughout the day and vit D, zinc, boron, vit K, magnesium and also omega 3 fatty acids. Changed my diet- eat alot more leafy green vegeys-such as broccoli and kale, added yogurt every day and ricotta cheese, fortified o.j.- just try to eat more calcium rich foods- blackstrap molasses everyday. I also walk daily, at least an hour briskly. And I do some pilates 3x week and lift weights 3x week for an hour. Also I take Strontium 680mg a night. I feel great - like a new person. The exercise and walking has definately made me stronger. As far as my bones go - it remains to be seen. I guess I wont know until my next bone scan , which my insurance will not pay for probably until 2008. As far as Ezorb goes - I get the impression that they want you to believe that there vitamin can cure osteoporosis . And it is expensive. If you can afford it- then its worth a try. But to reverse osteo I think you need a combination of vit, exercise and weights. And I am hoping the strontium citrate will help. We'll see

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