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Hi Elegiamore, thanks for your concern. I too was surprised when i found the calcium supplement that it taken once a day. I talked to the phamacist at walgreen about the one dose and was told that it was ok. She told that your body only absorbs as it needs to replace whats lost daily. Its a balancing act so to speak. It's formulated to be taken once a day with patent pending technology...not sure what that means. I'm on total thyroid replacement(taken when I get up), which can't be taken near calcium and am also taking strontium citrate (at bedtime) which also can't be taken near calcium. So you can see the problem i was having with spacing out regular doses. I haven't had any problem with upset stomach. It sure is tricky trying to do all the right things at the right time.

I decided to take stontium after starting to notice side effects from the actenol ( i took it for 2 months) the dr. prescribed. The things that can happen from the drugs scared me more than what could or couldn't happen in the future. The article in the NEJM and others i read convinced me that stontium was a good option with good results. I also walk and do strength training, and try to eat several calcium source foods a day. take care...phyllis

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